my people from my rp

User name:Amaroqwolf_sess
age: 356
race: Vampire
personality:Mysterous and really doesn't say much. Has a temper, but its creepy cuz she'll smile and try to kill you and threaten you. Though she has her charm, her shyness, but not very much.
weapon of choice : Crystal Katana
bio:woke up with a katana in her arm
pets: had a tiger kitten, but it passed away
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User name: Charity-Rayne
name: Rayne Azumi
age: 17
race: Human
gender: Female
sexuality: Straight
personality: Clumsy only when around guys, her mind tends to wonder. Smart, cunning and kind-hearted yet has a temper when pushed
weapon of choice : a dagger
bio: Rayne was always alone at home, no one really to talk to. Deciding she should go out for the summer, instead of sitting at home. Camp she thought would be the best way for her to let out some stress and be around people.
Other: N/A
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]User name: AqwaGaurdian
name: Aquaria Ryuuiji
age: 16
sexuality: bi
personality: keeps herself gaurded by her smile, generally laid back and accepting, but has a sarcastic and sadtistic side.
weapon of choice : bo staff
bio: Grew up as a street urchin and gangster, not ever knowing her real parent. One day on a job, someone turned traitor to the gang and she was caught alongside with her fellow gang members. She was taken to the camp as a part of a new reform therepy.
Other: she hates bugs.
pets: snow leopard cub
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User name: CounterfeitAngel
name: Aiden Von Hale
age: Eightteen
race: Half demon
gender: Male
sexuality: Pansexual
personality: Cale can be pretty mean sometimes but is usually layed back and quite playful, though he can be sarcastic and arrogent.
weapon of choice: Any 9mm gun he can hadle pretty well
bio: Cale came to the camp because he was bored, not to mention on the run from an angry mob that found out what he was and wanted him dead.
Other: None
pets: A demonic wolf named Kingsley
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User name:sugar high juli
name:Jennifer(Jen or Jenni for short)
race:were wolf
personality:protective but open,friendly but shy,nice but has bi-polar
weapon of choice :Shot gun
bio:She ran away from her parents two years ago.But a pack of were wolfs found her and she was turned.But she was sent to this camp because the pack wanted to see if she could survive because they've never had a girl in the pack.
Other:plays the electric guitar. goes with her.
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