User ImageName: ???
Code Names: Raven, R
Age: 17
Hair: naturally gray but is died a raven black
Eyes: naturally black but is mostly seen with hazel eye contacts
Favourite food: Apple Pie

She wants to be her own person and tries to be different from other people. She likes to hang around Nate and is always babying him and also looks after Mihael sometimes which mostly involves her scolding him. She is very outgoing but she doesn’t like to be rushed, when she is on a case or doing something she goes at a slow pace and if told to go quicker she will slow down or even stop everything she’s doing until the person has left. But when she's in the feild she can sometimes be quite hasty.

Raven and her twin sister Eve had always lived on their own for they were abandoned by their parents not knowing if they are alive or dead. They kept each other alive and cared for each other, they were also never given names but one day they were found by a kind man that went by the name Watari. Watari found Raven and Eve a dark alleyway after going there for he had heard a noise there. Watari soon adopts them and takes care of them with L. He asks for their names and in return they gave him false names for they were never given any. Raven got mistaken for Eve a lot while staying with Watari and L and she hated it and wanted to be recognised as herself so she so dies her hair black and puts in hazel eye contacts. Watari soon found that Raven and Eve were quite gifted and thought they could be the successors of L but Raven refused to become his successor for she didn’t want to have to replace or be like someone else so she left them only now and then coming back to visit them.