I Dear Hope so

I cry in my bed tonight
Wishing for some hope to get me through the night
Oh how much I want to be happy
And how bad I want to feel
But it doesn't feel like my wounded heart will truly ever heal
No one seems to understand
Not even my dearest friends
Oh how I want depression to go away
And stop drowning me in it's sorrow
So I struggle out of the deep waters for one day
Will it be enough to last?
I dear hope so
One day is all I seem to got though
As the water sucks me back in
Oh how I wish people would understand
The fight I put up with
So now i am just to tired
So I let it suck me in
The deep waters of depression go into my lungs and suck my breath away
But tomorrow is a new day
Will I make the fight?
I dear hope so

-something close to me, my fight, -Jess heart