When I made it to Canada everything looked so different. I guess the stereotypes of Canada were true. Girls with blond and red hair so many different people from so many different race I thought I would be the only one standing out but I was wrong.My mom drove me to my new house well actually are apartment.After spending a couple of weeks in Canada it was ok. My Father told me on the third week I was going to attended English lessons so I could learn English. I Kept thinking in my mind I didn't want to but after awhile I thought how silly I was because if I didn't learn English kids at the new school I would be going to would think I'm stupid.After my first English lesson my brain was hurting I thought why would you call a inu a dog in English it sounds like someone is puking! At least I was learning. A year passed and my English was better but I still had no friends. That year was the best year ever because my mom was pregnant with my second sister! Well of course at that time I didn't know it was a girl or a boy. I guess I didn't write about my first sister that much did I? Well she's pretty,actually I think she's prettier than me. Her name is Koto and right now her age is fifteen well she turned fifteen three weeks ago.When it was New year's eve my promise was to be the best person I could be and I would never let anyone harm my sisters!