Now, to all of those who read this, just know that I've had a really bad day at work. I'm very upset with a coworker and really, things may come out a little harsh...or not. Because the movie "The Grey" really sucked. Now some of you may disagree. Feel free to. But here is what I saw just last night.
The Grey was about a guy (I can't really remember his name. They mentioned it about twice) who wants to kill himself because his wife left him. You find out later that she died, but by that point the information is really pointless. So this guy hears a wolf howl and thinks that it's someone saying that he should live. And then he proceeds to go off, get a bunch of other people killed along with himself.
No. I'm dead serious. That's the movie. The guy gets on a plane (which crashes) and this guy miraculously through the grace and power of Hollywood survives without a scratch and somehow get unattached from the seat he strapped himself to. Three times. Likewise, 5 of the 7 survivors are seriously lacking in any sort of injury. The only guy that has "a messed up leg" and a "messed up wrist" is up and walking around like it's nothing two minutes later.
Then there is the wolves. Where do I begin with that? A wolf pack miraculously decides to kill all of these survivors off because it's fun. Yeah that's pretty much it. These computer generated balls of terror are just out for the sport. The solution to the wolves? Well main guy man decides that they should all leave the plane wreck because OBVIOUSLY nobody is going to look for a plane that crashed...especially not one so conveniently placed in a perfectly open area. No, the best idea is to trek into the woods three miles off where the man eating wolves obviously wouldn't be. Seriously? Did he never watch cartoons, national geographic, television in general? Wolves ALWAYS make their dens in sheltered WOODED areas.
Needless to say everyone dies.
My favorite part? It's the most illogical thing ever. The final straw that breaks the proverbial camels back. They miraculously find a trail marker that shows that they are on a logging trail. Not thinking that loggers have huge machines that let them trek for miles into the woods, they decide that they are close to civilization some how some way. How will they follow this logging trail back to civilization? Well now that's a good question. How about hopping off a cliff into a bunch of trees where the logging equipment OBVIOUSLY WENT!!! Of course they'd get away from the wolves who have no such idea about how to navigate rough terrain that they've lived in all their lives. Seriously now? SERIOUSLY? DO YOU TAKE ME FOR A FOOL HOLLYWOOD?
But I digress. My point is that the movie was illogical and stupid. At the end of it all we get to see into the details of every man's wallet, collected by i'manidiotmainmandude. This last attempt at a sentimental moment clearly falls flat as we know now what we knew earlier about all of these "survivors"...nothing. That's right we know nothing. And we don't care. Want to know how much these "survivors" cared for each other? Only enough to not care if someone was hurt. Only enough to not care if someone was lagging behind in man eating wolf country. Perhaps it's just my anger at having to spend 6 bucks to see this craptastic show, but I could have spent that money on something more entertaining. Like a math book. Or a documentary on the mating habits of the common ant.
The Point: Don't watch this movie. Don't even bother wasting the time and effort and electricity to watch it online. It sucks.

Point and case. Thanks for reading!