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okay... i have no idea what to write....
well its almoste been 5 months ive been yours
i ******** up.... bad.... but u let me come back
thank you for that... i dont think i would be able to live without u...
your my everything....and idk what was going through me.
but, i can say im madly in love with you till this day... and i cant wait till i can see u again...
most liekyl ill be seeing u on our one year anniversery smile
that will be perfect
ill get u some nice jewelery and some flowers and see ua t your front door wink haha... love you baby and sorry my letters are not as great as yours.

anyone who sees this i want to say, this girl is perfect.... i have been through so much s**t and no matter what it was she was always waiting there for me... to help me.... other people are only there some of the time while shes always there.... i remember dating Jackie.... 7 months and Marj madly in love with me.... ill admit while i was dating Jackie i had large feelings for Marj... more than i had for Jackie... but still a 7 month relationship with Jackie ad Marj waited those whole 7 months, for ME!
shes so amazing.... then there were all the other things i did.... i have hurt this girl so much... i don't ever plan on making her feel one more bit of pain.... ill always be there for her and i cant stand to see her sad, shes my everything. compared to anyone else shes the only one.... some people don't understand... ill have my friends saying "oh i bet u like so and so" and ill always tell them, one day when your in a serious relationship u will understand what its like, when u feel like i feel for my girl u cant even notice some1 who is cute.... that ONE person is the most beautiful person in the world.... and although she has done some bad in the past i don't care... shes all mine now and no one else i would kill for this girl, and i would die for this girl, i love u baby

i told u i would write u a letter today and i am... i think u meant on ur private message but i was planning on here... just because its been a while sense i added anything so u know wht im going to say..... first of all im going to say one big "******** you" to people who dont like me and want u to leave me. i havnt seen one of u little friends trying as hard as i am to get tojersey now did i? they all felt like flirting with a goddamn keybord.... and when they got u something? vertual? ha!.... u have something from me u have even when ur off line.... so another ******** you to those nerds =P
NOW! i also wanted to say that no one and nothing is going to make me end this relationship only u are gonna be the one who can end it cuz i dont plan to or want to ever i love u more than anything and this summer no matter what anyone says im going to see u.... i cant stand being away from u after that perfect weekend i dont really know what else to say.... all i can say is ill do anything and everything (short of gay sex lol) to make you happy... i lov eyou so much babe. be with me forever!

hey marj.... sorry i dont call u babe now... i just try to break the mold of boyfriend for now... u know i love u, and i only left because of the distance... its really really ahrd for me... it gets worse and worse and like u said it got pretty old... we acted like lovers talked like friends and could only say i love you.... we didnt show it in anyway because i mean waht are we gonna do? hug a phone? maybe do a little heart emote.... no i am willing to wait... but i dont want to date u until we can be real... till what we have can be true... i love u just remember that <3

hey babe
its Tuesday 4/28/09 just a few days past 2 weeks =)
i heard this song on mtv not to long ago and i must say that now every time i hear it i think of you so these are the lyrics of the song sense u cant listen to the song =P i love you babe <3<3<3

the date is 4/21/09
and i must say the first day of school... 10 days after that perfect moment and now looking around the school seeing all these couples that act like me and you did but get to do it every day... it makes me jealous. i wish i lived there. or you live here.... its actualy more peaceful here so id rather u be here =P
still i miss you more than ever and i really wish that i could hold you right now.... i was fighting tears all day seeing all these couples..... cuz it all reminded me of you and me on that amazing weekend.... i love you so much and i dont ever want to give you up <3<3<3

i ******** love you babe.... your my everything i cant get you out of my head or my heart so you will just have to deal with me always being with you =P
i love you

marj i may not be able to say something as great as you can on the letters that you write on my profile. but i want you to know and everyone who gos to this profile that i will do whatever it takes to make your life perfect.... i will never fight with you... i will always be here with you and i will do whatever posable to make all your dreams come true. i love you so much babe <3

im never going to be the same until you are in my arms again. i need you. i need the feelings of you in my arms....im nothing without you..... i love you so much <3<3<3
i know we will get married.... i know it because no other girl makes me feel like you do and i know i can make you feel a way that no other guy can... i love you so much and i just wanted you to know that you will be my wife someday.

Marjorie is my love..... i am nothing without her and someday she will be my wife. and i wont let anyone stop me. i love her and i have loved her for four years! that's more than anyone that she meets on here can say.... i love you Marj <3

dear marj,honestly i have never felt so highly for someone like i do for you, all i want and need for the rest of my life is you. the past weekend we had was so perfect.....ill always remember it <3<3<3
i cant begin to tell you how perfect you have made my life so for now i will tell you this, i love you. not that stupid i like you but ill say i love you.... i am IN LOVE with YOU and only YOU.... i love you so much and i dont care what happens from now on as long as you are mine...
love, kelly

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