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๑ Distictively ๑ ๑ A journal and description of Afina and Toria. Read more to discover. ๑

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We were more than two hundred thousand miles from the place we called home. Fear was coating our eyes as we flew in, over ten hours had passed, from a castle in Transylvania to a small cottage in the woods of London. We were suddenly out of our comfort zone and into a new place for safety matters. The words ‘Werewolves of London’ were now ‘Vampires of London’.
Toria grabbed Afina’s hand instinctively and held it tight inside her own as they walked away from one life and into another. They walked away from blood lust and Transylvania and into the crowded streets of London where they were given boundaries. The train began to lurch forward, causing Toria to flicker her gaze around with worry. She was anxious for danger about her, her eyes still flashing about still disoriented. The power of her eyes was marvelous; she could see every dust mote and every piece of leather on the seat below her. Afina was more disciplined; she was more restricted with her joy and excitement. However it seemed to Toria that Afina was just as excited as she was. They were slightly jostled as the train stopped and released them onto a platform in the city of London. Afina tsked in disappointment a few moments before the train stopped. Toria rolled her eyes, immediately wishing she hadn’t, the contacts over her hazel, red eyes were blurry again. She wished sometimes Afina wasn’t able to see the abrupt future. It was slightly annoying however she knew somehow that it may come in handy here. However it never had in Transylvania. They looked Distinctively different then everyone else as they walked off the train and into the crowded down town streets. Luckily where the train had stopped was less than a mile from the city, just short enough for a human to run with ease. Afina wiggled her hand into Toria’s clenched hand and led her out the doors and into the crowded streets of London, England. Walking down town was something neither of them had ever done. They were used to small places where they were brought everything and waited on hand and foot. Here, without Afina and Toria’s mates they were nothing special around the humans. Afina and Emerson had never been separated before and Toria assumed that was why she was so gloomy. Toria had no mate she was only hoping for love to find her. Afina shifted her weight around Toria, “Come.” She whispered only more than a breeze. “I have a map upon my cellular telephone.” Her words were still rough, from learning the English language. She spoke very formally and stiffly. It was easier for Toria to speak English was her first language, she had o be taught Romanian as a young vampire when her mind was more expandable. She sought out her phone and at once her hands were upon it; she began to search through her tools for her maps. She found it after moments of searching. The map popped up with a small blue dot where they were currently and then a red dot appeared where they were to be headed. They were eagerly walking away from the large mass of people. They were, after moments, separated and on the way to the house they were to share now. They hadn’t seen it yet, for there ‘father’- creator- had found a home for them while they were away. They walked until out of sight of all humans, then they ran, swiftly, side by side, to their home.


Emerson grabbed my hand and eagerly pulled me closer. We tumbled about like this, him clinging on me as I worked. I would laugh at his ability to trail after me; he only kissed hungrily up and down my jaw in response. We worked like this for hours, I would read and write and study with him at my hip. We would never separate. Till the night shadows were upon us we would twirl about, then we would hunt in about the same notions. After years we finally found a human I couldn’t bear to kill. She had a bob of curly brown hair and hazel eyes on her pale face. I was greedy and I wanted her to be my best friend. I kept her alive, it took all I had and one day I slipped. I couldn’t control myself and I killed her. As soon as I finished I was furious with myself and what I did. Only Emerson kept me from killing myself. He assured me she would be fine, that she would make it, that she would become like us. I reassured her then. I sat by her crimpled side and soothed her, best I could. I comforted and then cried with her as I could hold my façade no longer. Then it seemed, through all her pain, that she was the one comforting me. Once she was alive and well, or should I put it dead and damned, I had the pleasure of naming her. She had forgotten her previous life, and everything from it. I named her after the flower of thoughtlessness, Toria. After that we were inseparable. Even Emerson was on the merge of psychosis from the way she was my new toy. He often trails me like he did, though less intense, still aware of Toria. Over the time of a decade things were normal again, he would repeat our shadowing notions as Toria worked along with me, still I knew it took them both effort to keep a polite tone.
Emerson had taken to Toria later on, still jealous of my love for her, yet grateful for what love he received from me. I knew it pained him and again my façade was destroyed by tears, and again he was the one comforting me.

Once they reached the woods, the blue dot was only half a centimeter from the red. They trudged on, reaching the dot in a fraction of a minute. They were surprised to find a small cottage where the red dot was laid. The cottage was all stone and had two pillars near the plain wooden door. Above the door, there was a small window, further up the stone roof curved into a point. The side of the home was unadorned ad only the window sticking out the side made it the least bit unique.
Nevertheless once they entered the abode they were delighted. Emerson and Afina’s ‘father’ had decorated it like the castle they had lived in. Its walls were a lush gold as the wood work was mahogany. It resembled the castle so much Afina almost started to search for Emerson.
The upstairs consisted of two rooms; a bedroom designed for a human and a study amid a wall of bookshelves. Toria was amazed that all of her favorite books, plays, and sonnets were here in the same condition she had left them with. Couples such as Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, Romeo and Juliet filled her books as she scanned about for her favorite. The poem, ‘Such a Love’ by Verdaen was there waiting for her.
Such a love will fill hearts with joy and delight.
Such a love shall not be broken,
For such a love is harder to find then tis’ to last.

Toria laughed with delight as she read over her piece of home. She handed it to Afina along with the letter she had found upon the small desk. There were two desks, one, Toria supposed, for her, and one for Afina.
The letter read,
Dearest Afina,
Though you are miles away my heart never stops searching for your love. You are truly missed and we hope you will truly regard this as a precaution rather then rejection.
‘The person that tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. The heart withers if it does not answer another heart.’

Emerson had attached his favorite of his compositions in his own sloppy pen. Afina knew she would have no choice to go, for her heart withed among the slightest with drawl from love. She took a piece of paper from her desk drawer, perfectly cut and bordered in a metallic ruby, ‘Dearest Emerson,
Of course you would know I have regarded the precautions set by you as well as my father. I hope to see you soon and expect I will, I don’t plan to stay here. –Or at least without a fight for a chance to see you.
Dearest Afina’

Afina’s sprawl of a personal form of calligraphy was completed in an instant; I seal it with a kiss and prayed he would receive it soon. Afina also hoped he wouldn’t inform her father, Drake. However I knew he wouldn’t rat me out, he cared far too much for my heart and well being. She laughed at the thought of him reading this. His brow would furrow when he read the part about her father and then once more as he read ‘at least without a fight.’ Afina giggled at the thought and went to find Toria. Once she had found her she decided she wanted to explore.

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