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The Legacy@
The Legacy Chapter 4: Training Begins
The Legacy Chapter 4: Training Begins

This work is ©copyrighted by Andre Loatman. Any persons that would duplicate this need written permission. Any similarities between characters in this story and persons living or who lived is purely coincidental. For information toward the use of this story, or it’s characters, please contact the_legacy101@yahoo.com

The Legacy

Chapter 4: Training Begins

Dragoon:"Its time you two begen you'r training"


Cold fear:"I see you'r real happy bout this"

Dragon:"haha....So who is training us?"

Dragoon:"I'll be training you for the first week the rest of the training will be done by Firece"

Dragon:"Psh you mean the cheater"

Fierce balls his fist up

Dragoon:"Fierce calm down"

Fierce:"Yes master"

Dragon:"You know you need to learn how to lighten up a lil I'm only playing"


Dragoon:"Well you'r training will begin in a few so prepair yourselfs"

Dragoon leaves the room.

Cold Fear:"Man I wish T.j. was here"

Dragon:"Yea so do I"

Cold Fear:"we'd be unstopable with him n Anton"

Dragon:"Yea, I remembered how he always wanted to be named Zaiah if he became a hero"

Cold Fear:"Yea I know thats all we ever talked about"

Dragon:"I know one thing he'd be a great hero...I really want to find those guys who killed him"

Fierces stands there listening to Dragon and Cold Fear talk..He balls up his fist.

Fierce:"Why don't you guys shut up"

Dragon and Cold fear look at him.

Dragon:"What did you just say"

Fierce:"You heard me I told you guys to shut up...This tj guy you'r talking about I bet you he was a lame n desevered to die he could never be a hero they did research on him. he was weak a nobody not even worth the effort of training to become a hero I bet you if he was hear rite now I'd kill him myself...You guys are idoits for thinking he'd be a hero."

Cold fear:"I outta beat the hell out of you RITE NOW!!!"

Cold Fear becomes tense he starts to get into a stance ready to attack Fierce then all of a sudden [VOOM!] Dragon went full force at Fierce [WACK!] Fierce went flying through the air [BAMMMM!] Fierce smack a wall and fell to the ground. Dragon came running up to him and jumped on him. He started hitting him hard the ground started breaking under him. Dragon lifts him up a lil and looks him in the face.


Dragoon pulls dragon off of Firece.

Dragoon:"Whats going on here!"

Fierce was up badly beaten.


Dragon stands there breathing heavy full of anger and rage.

Fierce sad Coughs n spits out blood)"Well, I was telling these two about tj"

Dragoon sad sighs)"ok"

Fierce:"Yea hes a nobody just another idiot who got killed for being stupid"


Tears begein to roll down dragons eyes.


Dragon trys to attack him again but Dragoon stops him. Cold fear saw the opening an went in for an attack Cold fear cocks back his arm and whales Fierce in the face. Fierce fell to the ground sliding into another wall.


Cold fear had tears coming down his eyes he was real tense.

Dragoon sad sighs)"The training room you guys will be down the hall when you two are ready to come Ill be waiting"

Dragoon helped firece up. They both started walking down the hall way.

Dragoon:"You know soon you'r gonna have to tell them who you are"

Fierce:".....When the time is rite I will"

Dragoon:"You know you got what you desevered...why would you say things like that"

Fierce:"I wanted to see if they cared"

Dragoon:"You know true friends never forget there friends and what they mean to them. and from watching you guys together in the years you had with them I would say they would never leave you'r side..."


Dragoon and Fierce stoped Fierce stared at Dragoon with a lost puzzled look. Dragoon smiled.

Dragoon:"Go get you'rself cleaned up you look a mess..I'm going to start there training"

Fierce nodded, he walk down another hallway into another room. Dragoon shakes his head.

Dragoon:"I don't know what Ima do with these kids"

{Few minutes later} Dragon and Cold fear walked into a room that looked like a desert surrounded by cliffs the heat in the room was intense, the more they walked they started to feel a change in the tempreture the room strated to chage into a plain with a nice cool breeze. There was a tree in the middle of the plain that stood out when they got a lil close to the tree they saw Dragoon laying on the tree resting his eyes.

Dragoon:[eys closed]"I see you two finally made it"

Cold fear:"How'd you know we were here"

Dragoon:"I can sense you"

Cold fear:"Hows that possible?"

Dragoon:"You let off energy...also known as kia"

Dragon:"What is kia??"

Dragoon:"kia is another form of chi"

Cold Fear:"Ah kinda like Dragonballz"

Dragon:"but that was called Ki"

Cold Fear:"Yea but it was still a form of chi"

Dragoon:"What are you two talking bout??"

Dragon:"O sorry you'r an old timer you would'nt know anything about this"

Cold Fear:"Haha...its a show that comes on T.V."

Dragoon:"O...Well this has notihng to do with a T.V. show this is real life"


Cold Fear:"...."

Dragoon:"Now with that being said I would like to get you'r training under way we already waisted enough time...Today I will teach you two how to control you'r kia once you do that you will be able to sense it like I can with no problem at all. Now you two sit down so you guys can begein meditating"

Dragon and Cold fear sit down in a meditating position.

Dragoon:"Now relax n clear you'r head of any thoughts rite now. think about finding you'r inner Kia"

Cold Fear and Dragon breathe in an out slowly clearing there head of any other thoughts. As they begain clearing there thoughts Kia started to flow off of them. Dragoon looked at both of them he found it odd that Dragon had a black aorua flowing off of him and Cold fear had a blue aorua.

Dragoon:[thinking]"Thats strang there auoras are different from the others...maybe its because of the kings inside them...but I don't feel that sorce of energy flowing off them..hmmmm"

As they continued meditating there aoruas begain to change again and glow brite. This time Dragons aorua was a light blue and Cold Fears was a white color.

Dragoon:[thinking]"Could this be the power of the kings...this is amazing Ive never seen anything like this"

Dragoon gets up he starts to walk a lil then all of a sudden Dragons eyes open and looks directly at Dragoon. Dragons eyes were different from what they use to look like his eyes were still brown but had a bright blue rim around them. Dragoon stood there in shock as Dragon looked at him it was as if he didn't know who Dragoon was or what he was doing here. Before Dragoon could say anything to Dragon his eyes closed again he woke up rubbing his head.

Dragon:"Man my head hurts"

Dragoon:"Do you remember anything that just happen Dragon"

Dragon:"No, what are you talking about"

Dragoon:"Nothing....forget I said anything"


Dragoon:[thinking]"What was that I don't understand were that came from...."

Cold Fear starts moving around.

Cold Fear:[Yawns]"Uh hey Dragoon is that it for the day"

Dragoon:"Yes..that is it for the day...nemis will show you two to your rooms"

Cold Fear:"Good cause I'm tired"

Dragoon:"I can see that...Nemis show them to there rooms"

Nemis:"Yes master"

Cold Fear turns around and jumps

Cold Fear:"WHOA!!"


Cold Fear:"where'd you come from...you can't just be poping up on people like that I could of just hit you"

Nemis:"I'm am sorry I frighten you"

Cold Fear smiles.

Cold Fear:"It's cool"

Nemis:"Well let me show you two to your rooms"

Dragon and Cold Fear follow Nemis.

Dragon:[shakes head]"You know sometimes you can be a real goof"

Cold Fear:"Yea well he should of never just came out the blue like that"

{fades off into the hallway} Dragoon stood there with a small grin on his face.

Dragoon:[thinking]"These kids could be the ones to change the world around"

[The next day] Dragoon, Cold fear, and Dragon were in the training room.

Dragoon:"Ok, now the fun begins you two will spare while useing up kia"

Dragon:"So do we get to shot off kiablast"

Dragoon:"There is no such thing as kiablast"

Cold Fear:"What???"

Dragoon:"This is real life this is no TV show like I said before"

Dragon:"Yea you're rite those guys we fought didn't use them so how would we use them"

Cold Fear:"Point"

Dragoon:"Now I want you two to start sparing get in you'r stances"

Cold Fear got into a ready stance while Dragon stood there.

Dragoon:"What are you doing Dragon get into a stance"

Dragon:"This is my stance"

Dragoon:"You'r leaveing yourself open"

Dragon:"Thats what I want my enemy to think"

Dragoon:"Ok, dont blame me when you lose"

Dragon:"Oh I wont"

Dragoon folded his arms and closed his eyes.

Dragoon:"Ok, BEGIN!!"

Dragon and Cold Fear had a stand off they both nodded as to say don't hold back. They both dashed at each other full force. Dragoon stood in amazement as he watch them spare it looked more like a fight to the death than a spare. They were hitting each other with bone crushing blows. Then they stoped for a second. Cold Fear pulled out his sword.

Cold Fear:[breathing heavy]:"Lets..fight with our swords.."

Dragon:[breathing heavy]"....iight..."

Dragoon and Cold fear noticed Dragon didnt have a seath or his sword on him.

Dragoon:"Dragon were is your sword?"

Dragon:"I don't know I could'nt find it today its like it just disappered"


Cold Fear:"So you'r swordles....you wanna try spareing with me without you'rs?"

Dragon smiles.

Dragon:"Yea lets do that"

Cold Fear:"Alrite lets see if you can dodge all my attacks"

Dragon nods Cold fear comes at him with speed an force.


It was as if Dragoon was'nt there. Dragon dodge everything Cold fear threw at him they were moving at amazing speed. Dragoon begain to think.

Dragoon:[thinking]:"These two alone are amazing there sparing like they've done this before..hmmm and what about Dragons sword were would that have gone...I've got it!"

Dragon knocks Cold fear high in the air.

Dragoon:"Dragon put you'r hands together and pull them apart like you have a seath in you'r hand!!"


Dragoon:"DO IT NOW!!"

Dragon puts his hands together as he did that a lil flame appered in his hands he looked up to see Cold fear coming down for a striking blow. Dragon pulled his hands apart real fast and springs into the air like a bullet out of a gun. They both clash in the air both flying backwards then coming at each other fighting in mid air.

Dragoon:[thinking]:"This....this...is unbelieveable"

It sounded like thunder crashing to the ground they both hit the ground breaking the ground under them. Dirt, Rocks, and Smoke covered the air. Dragoon could'nt see anything but he could hear and see them clashing swords as sparks flew around. You could hear the aggression in there voices as they came at each other. there swords clash hitting at a striking force that created a tornado from the smoke which cleared the smoke away. when the smoked clear they both stood there looking at each other smiling. then they both fell backwards and sat there.

Dragon[breathing heavy]:"That....was fun..."

Cold Fear[breathing heavy]:"haha....Yea....it was fun"

Dragoon:"....Well thats all for today you guys can rest now..."

Dragoon stood there in shock he never seen anything like that at all.

Dragon:[breathing heavy]:"you know..whats crazy bout all this.."

Cold Fear[breathing heavy]:"...What..."

Dragon[breathing heavy]:"This Kia thing....I don't think I used it all..."

Cold Fear:"Yea...haha...I don't think I did either"

Dragoon:"You guys are rite you still have more....."

A week went by Cold Fear and Dragon Fought for six days getting better and faster than when they first started off.

Dragoon:"Well this is you'r last day with me..you'll be starting training with Fierce tomorrow"

Dragon and Cold fear nod.

[Next day] Dragon and Cold fear come in to the training room when they come in they saw Fierce standing in the desert area.

Fierce:"Welcome this is your new training ground. This is more of a way to use you'r surroundings against you'r enemys"


Fierce[eyes closed and arms folded]:"I see you guys still hate me which is fine with me"

They both stood there tense.

Fierce:"From the way you guys are standing I see you wanna still fight me...hmm ok...who wants to take me on this time then"

Dragon steped forward but Cold fear stoped him n looked at Dragon n smiled.

Cold Fear:"You just sit back I got this one"

Dragon shrugged his shoulders. He walked over to a rock folded his arms and leaned on it.

Fierce:"So you wanna lose first I see"

Cold Fear:"I'm not gonna lose to you"

Fierce:"Hmph..You still got a lot to learn"

Cold Fear:"AHHH!!!"

Cold fear came charging at Fierce with no hesation. Cold fear couldnt lay a hand on Fierce he blocked everything he threw at him. Fierce kicked him in the chest n knocked him down. Cold fear kicked up but Fierce was gone. Cold fear looked around he couldnt find him. Then out of no were Fierce knocked him in the back of his neck Cold fear fell to the ground n looked at him.

Fierce:"You'r fighting out of anger you'll never win a fight like that"

Cold fear stood up.

Cold Fear:"SHUT UP!! AHHH!!"

Cold fear came at him again with everything he had. Dragon just watch.

Dragon[thinking]:"hes rite fighting in anger is not gonna help. thats like when we first fought...but I wasnt thinking then...."

Fierce knocked Cold fear down again. He got back up n stood there.

Fierce:"I'm telling you you'll never land a hit on me in the state you'r in"

Dragon:"He's rite Fear...fight him like we fought we've gotten better I know you can at least beat him"

Cold fear nodded Fierce laughed.

Fierce:"You can't n never will beat me"

Cold fear looked at him and smiled. He calmed himself down got into a fighting stance.

Fierce:"Hm now were serious"

Fierce came at Cold fear they were moving at unbelieveable speeds Fierce was faster and stronger than cold fear. After a while Cold fear started to lose speed he could'nt keep up but, he was trying. Then there was a change a white aorua started to flow off him.

Fierce[thinking]:"Whats going on?!"

Cold fear started getting faster moving at a pace that Fierce couldnt follow. Cold fear got a good hit on Fierce, he fell to the ground like a ton of bricks. he got back up before he could go in for another attack they were both stop by Thunder.

Cold Fear:"Thunder! what are you doing here?"

Thunder looks at him.

Thunder:"You guys must return to earth NOW!!........."


This work is ©copyrighted by Andre Loatman. Any persons that would duplicate this need written permission. Any similarities between characters in this story and persons living or who lived is purely coincidental. For information toward the use of this story, or it’s characters, please contact the_legacy101@yahoo.com

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