Okay so today I went to a Renaissance Festival and got my palms and tarrot cards read to me about myself and my future.
First of all she said I was a naturally laidback, peacful person, but I hold a lot of anger somewhere in my heart, but I'm too peaceful to let it out. I am more loving to my friends over (some) of my family. The line on my palm that tells me how long I'll live goes on and on meaning I won't die until sometime in my 90's and I won't suffer any dramatic health problems. I'm more suitable for an artistic and creative job as in being a writer (YAY!!!), architect, or something of that nature, because if I do anything I don't like I instantly turn away from it. If there is a person in my life I don't like I instantly move away from them and stay away from them. I'm going to be a very succeful powerful woman and reach teh peak of my career at age 35.
(Anyone wondering about my ramance life I'm not gonna tell ya 3nodding )