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Anything and everything within you and without you. Read it if you want.
My Musical History
One of the earliest memories of music was Simon and Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson".. I hated music when I was little. It was HORRIBLE. I swore to myself I would NEVER get into music. It would NOT happen. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.
But... Lol I sang quietly when I heard songs I liked when my mom and dad played them. I remember "A Hard Day's Night" which was my earliest memory of a Beatles song... I thought it was Elvis. He was about the only one I knew. And I hated him too.
I remember a couple of Elvis's songs from when I was little... I remember listening to "Short d**k Man" and all kinds of weird songs... Disco and Bluegrass. My parents took me to concerts such as The B52's, B.B. King, and The Doors; I only went really for the light show, and I'd fall asleep before it was even over, and I would beg to go home. That was eons ago.

When I was eight years old, according to my lost diary, I got a laptop for Christmas, and my father downloaded itunes onto it... I never touched the program until one day that I remember very well. I built a fort in the living room, took some earphones and my laptop, and lay in that fort listening to the artist alphabetically. My dad didn't have many songs on there yet. I listened to Audioslave... and then The Beatles. I'll never understand why Audioslave is not my favorite band today, but it's not. The Beatles are. I listened to The BEatles Anthology. I fell in love with the songs Besame Mucho, the ******** up version of Norwegian Wood, and Like Dreamers Do. I was hooked. I wrote in my diary that day "I think I'm getting into music. haha"

That was the beginning of an obsession. I began burning CD's and CD's of Beatles music. I loved it so much. I'd play Norwegian Wood over and over again to my cat. Hah.. it was the s**t. Then my father pulled out his album of The Beatles "The White Album" he called it. He played some tracks for me and then pulled out some pictures of The bEatles themselves. I hung them on my wall immediately. I also wrote their names under the pictures. I mistook George for John... What a noob. But that was it. I was hooked. I instantly searched my itunes for songs I knew such as "My Boy Lollipop", "Traffic Jam" by Sailor, and "Electric Avenue".

My next obsession was The Doors which was alighted by my first major concert experience when I was 9 years old. I still have the drumstick that was thrown at me, and I still have the memory of Brett Scallions holding my hand with his face all up in mine singing "Come on baby light my fire!" I fell in love.

The next stage in my obsession came when I discovered the internet in 6th grade. Playlist.com was there. And now I had influences from my internet friends on what to listen to. Will got me into songs such as Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Thee Day's Grace, MCR, Disturbed, AFI and Hollywood Undead. I knew Linkin' Park already from my father playing it over and over again. I had some of The Police in there... I got addicted to them from my ex Uncle Rodney. From Outcast I learned of the songs by Fort Minor and such. I also loved Nine Inch Nails from my parents constant playing of it. INXS was discovered the same way.

My first memory of Carpenters came from watching the horror film "1408". "We've Only Just Begun" played on the clock radio in the guys room ever ten minutes or so. I heard it when my parents were painting my room and I instantly fell in love with it. I then researched all their songs pretty much. I loved Close To You and recognized it from The Simpsons.

I remember sitting in my mother's Trans AM and hearing Paul McCartney and Wings. I hated it. I was like... Omg he left the Beatles he sucks. But that soon changed when I heard Band on the Run and all that jazz. By the time I was in 7th grade, I listened to them every single day and whenever I took naps,I'd put them on immediately.

I liked Santana almost from the beginning. "Maria Maria" was my favorite... I recognized it from Aruba. When "Smooth" came out, it was ALL there was playing in Aruba. I loved the guitar in the songs (obv.). I also liked the B52's from the beginning because of Love Shack. I think that was the first song I sang. One of my first song obsessions and I mean OBSESSIONS was "Linger" by the Cranberries.

Another thing that unlocked some new music for me was definitely my Atari Anthology game for my Playstation. I discovered Quarterflash, BLONDIE, and Soft Cell from this.

I discovered Gilbert O'Sullivan because my dad loved the songs Alone Again (Naturally) and Matrimony. I fell in love with him IMMEDIATELY.

In 2010, I rekindled my love for Green Day when I went to his concert and i recognized songs I had heard and that I loved. Billie Joe pulled me in with is incredible entertainer skills. Oh god. I learned all the words to most of his songs.
Also in 2010, I discovered my IMMENSE love for David Bowie. A little late, I suppose. I adore him so much. It all started in "Oh hey I remember that song Space Oddity. I think I love it." Thank you Neve. I also discovered the Sex Pistols and the Clash because my dad, seeing that I loved "punk" now, suggested I listen to the original punk. And I did.

I started pretty much loving the Stones because of Neve and her huge obsession with it. I loved Mick lmfao. (Btw. Right when I typed his name my playlist shuffled started playing Stones. Damn it Mick.)

I got into Tom Petty right before his concert when I saw the video for "Into The Great Wide Open" Guess why.

I also had a hippie music phase. Hell yeah. I still love it. The Zombies, The Mamas and the Papas, Janis Joplin, Cream, all that trippy music y'know. That went on 2 summers ago. I was OBSESSED. Entirely.

I also went through a huge time where I was obsessed with U2 because of this kid in my class named Kaleb. He was listening to them on the bus and was like "Sunday Bloody Sunday is a good song." and I was like LOL YEAH! So I listened to them nonstop. Forever. I still adore Bono with all my soul.

Edith Piaf was discovered in '10 for me too. My dad was talking about her and her music was so astounding that I had to listen to more! I also watched the movie because I loved her so much. She was such a beautiful person, and definitely one of the most incredible singers of the 20th century.

I also went through a Weeaboo phase. Just like everyone else who has ever existed on the internetz. I loved it so much. Japanese music was incredible for me. I listened to all the songs from Maison Ikkoku, InuYasha, and Sailor Moon. I also liked those hentai games theme songs loololol. I was addicted. I still love 80's Japanese music.

Bluegrass was always a big thing in my world. I loved most of the Bluegrass songs my parents played and also I loved the old country songs my parents would play. I loved Bluegrass festivals too... Closely related to this (actually not lol) I started loving Taylor Swift when I heard "Picture to Burn" somewhere. I don't remember where, though.

I've always liked Michael Jackson, but I got more into him when he died. ******** shoot me. rolleyes

Movie soundtracks are also where I get some of my music. Especially Sherlock Holmes, My Name is Nobody, The Sound of Music, Grease, Sweeney Todd, and My Fair Lady songs.

A lot of the music I've discovered was on my own ipod and such, and I'm still discovering more such as Abba and others.

I'm still discovering music. I'm wondering what songs I'll find in 2011.

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