Im back again! 3nodding sadly, i can't remember my first Gaia account sweatdrop ...i forgotten my password i think, and this one too but i manage to remember it now and write it on my notes!!! Gaia has changed, really. I miss the old Gaia but it is ok emo ! Maybe i should try to remember the password/username for my first one, but maybe next time! i am right now looking for a job, i had a recent interview but they did not called me yet even after i called them and after that too but anyways i don't know any safe jobs online as another job option for me plus knowing exactly where i like to work. i hope everyone is doing fine and i have been having art blocks too, i try to draw from time too time now cause i have not been drawing a lot like i used too, so sad huh!!!! well until the next Journal entry, byee!! razz