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Master of puppets
I'm pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams

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The man appeared just before the door, he took his key out of his pocket and simply placed it into the rusty door lock in front of him. Darello seemed to breathe in the dusty shop that was exactly how he left it, surprising him. Michael had entered and yet, he hadn't looked at such a great room of children's work sets and small, simple puppets. It seems he had went straight out back to the large warehouse like contraption that housed the Puppet Brigade. Darello hopped over the counter after switching the sign that was on the door to "Open".

Darello entered the dark room, before turning on the lights illuminating the huge hall of puppets and wood. It smelt of damp wood and burning furnaces. "I gotta call a meeting later." he considered, before taking a door to the side of the room. He popped his head in the door and looked at his own personal workshop through the key hole. "Empty." he said, not surprised at all.

Darello felt like learning a jutsu, he looked over at a book labelled, history of the Kirigakure Anbu. The man flicked through the books before seeing a great technique which he'd considered learning before, but it wasn't the right time but now. With the sudden influx of the Uchiha in Suna, this technique could be incredibly useful. The Silent Homicide Technique.

He started off by placing a large puppet, maybe six foot and placed it in front of him. The technique suggested using incredible speed and skill, but as Darello wasn't the quickest of souls, he used the Flying Swallow Technique on a kunai he was now grasping. The normally small blade now flowed with chakra, and it should create a longer reach for him to slice his opponents head off.

He had the puppet move if it could see Darello, so he was now ready to have his first try at the technique.

He started off by running to the left and then simply speeding to the other side of the puppet, despite his hopefulness, the puppet proceeded with smashing it's hand into Darello's gut, winding the Secondary Kazekage. He took to the wall, laying his hands onto it. He tilted his head to the ground, trying to re catch his breath.

A few minutes later, it seemed as if he had his breath again, he walked back to his original spot roughly. He simply just went left and then right in supposedly quick motion, the kunai in his hand whooshing with a large arc of chakra travelling through the air. The puppet swung his hand out, missing the Kazekage as he appeared directly behind the puppet. His kunai pressed against the puppet's neck, a slight grin on the colourful face of Darello.

Despite this though, the puppet had still seen him. Despite the fact he knew he wasn't concealed like the others, his speed was just about right but someone who was quicker could easily beat him. He wanted to go again, but the adrenalin from such speed made him dizzy, in fact it almost made him faint as he wobbled around the large room. He looked out of the open door that led to the shop as he sat down his head throbbing with pain. Battered, he regained some composure and returned to the faithful starting position. ”Third time lucky?” he spoke, the saying resonating in his head. If he didn't learn it today, there was plenty of time too.

He sped left, but before speeding to the right of the puppet, it's hand flinging up but not fast enough for Darello who simply rolled to the side, and swiped through the puppet completely destroying it with his normal kunai, the Flying Swallow Technique wearing off when he was dizzy. He had enough, but realized that this speed could provide a platform to learning the technique more.

As he thought this, a young boy and his mother entered the shop, as he stood alongside the shattered remains of the plain puppet. He limped over to the door and closed it behind him, the mother seemed to smile at the Kazekage. “My little boy's snake puppet has tensed up. Please fix it,” the mother said to him, Darello looked at the small boy staring up at him and picked up the puppet. He took a wrench and started fixing the joint and wires and gave it back to the boy, the Kazekage appeared behind the boy, trying to use the Silent Homicide Technique except no knife. ”Here you go little man,” he said to the young boy, placing the puppet in front of him, the boy picked up the puppet and ran off, and he refused the money that the mother offered. ”Please, on the house,” he said calmly after leaving into the large warehouse-like contraption.

He grabbed a heavy puppet and placed it on a stand. Darello tried the technique again, he appeared behind the puppet, now there was no mechanism to attack him, but he still appeared at a greater speed then usual, the fatigue still digging into his ribs. He held a withdrawn kunai knife to the puppet's neck. He believed he had did it, and to an extent, he had. Now, he just had to figure out a technique to shroud his movements.


[OOC:] Silent Homicide Technique learnt - 890/800

Uchiha Zakoichi
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Uchiha Zakoichi
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