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March 18th, 13'
It's obviously been a while since I've wrote in my journal. Mostly because I found it useless, but now I have stuff I wanna talk about that I can't talk with with most of my friends in real because blah.
This year, of junior year, I started the anime club at our school, and just when I miss one meeting, my vp practically takes over and turns it into a club for an anime I'm not too fond of called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. You may or may not have heard of it. Anyways, I missed another meeting, and she starts posting like she's president, acting like she is, and I'm pretty much being overthrown because people ultimately like her better. Which, obviously, I suppose I understand because she LOVES Madoka Magica, and I don't quite enjoy it. It's pretty much like hosting a cartoon club and at first it's about all of the cartoons but then someone points out Adventure Time once, and it turns into Adventure Time. The vp loves AT, but the president (you) doesn't, and so they decided the vp is better because they like AT and you're kicked out, in general. Sucks, huh.
Then there's my boyfriend. His name is Nick and he's 19, and he's like, a really fantabulous guy, but I worry about him a lot. See, he loves to party and rock out and do a whole bunch of stuff that an antisocial like me would never even consider. I love how social he is, but some nights he get's insane with his friends and his stories sometimes worry me. I mean, it's drinking and smoking weed, now I do that, but the fact he does it so much just worries the ******** out of me.

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