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I could be writing just about anything i feel like writing so the choices are unlimited, so yea
Images in our heads--but empty words?

Have u ever felt like you had the most creative images in ur head but when you try to decribe it, you feel like your words are empty and flat, like they don't even compare to wat u r seeing in ur head?
I do.
I hate it. I write stories but they don't compare to the wonderous thoughts and images in my head. Sometimes i get so frustrated stressed that it cause me to stutter when i talk.
I wished that there was some tech-thing--a computer maybe--that could write down exactly wat i see in my head, every little last detail. I wamt someone to put it together. I just thoughtof it, i just want someone to actually make it.
I feel like people think im stupid when i can't answer a question with a thoughtful answer. But sometimes, to decribe what i want to say in words, i have to write it down and than i have to choose my words wisly.
Same goes for art. I have this wonderful picture in my head, i mean im a really really good artist, but i want more.
i hope u know what im talking about

User Image My Dream Avi

If u need help on ur profile
DON'T FORGET TO SAVE AFTERWARDS instructions for the playlist
1.go to playlist.com and create an account, it's free don't worry by the way make sure ur over 15
2.go to ur profile and click 'edit my profile layout' after that click 'content' then 'media'
3.then press 'edit' and name it wat ever u like,but don't type anything where it says 'url'
4.since ur already at playlist.com and u made an account u choose any songs u like (there's no limit)
5.when ur done picking songs click the 'save' button and click 'embed'
6.after u have clicked that button click there should b a logo 4 gaiaonline.com and of course ur supposed to click it
7.there should b a code, u highlight the code and copy it
8.u go back to ur profile and click the 'url' area and u paste the code into there and save
if u have any questoins about anything else like video's and layouts(backgrounds r layouts) or this didn't help then tell me

instructions for layout (background)
1. go to a website that has layouts like gaiacentral.com or profilebrand.com u don't need to download anything
2.u go to 'my gaia' and scroll down to 'account settings' and click 'profile theme' don't type anything in there at all
3.when u go to the website with layouts u pick a layout u want for ur profile u click on it and copy the code beside it then u go back to 'profile theme' and paste the code into there

instructions for pictures
1.go to ur profile and click 'edit my profile layout' after that u open 'content' and add 'custom' and click 'url'
2.go to any website u like to find a picture that has a url though
3.u highlight the url and copy it then go back to paste it in 'url' and save changes

instructions for videos
1.open media and then go to youtube or any other web site that u like next the video there should be a url so u highlight that and copy it
2.u go back to 'url' and u paste it in there

Okay, i found all this infomation but don't ask me questions about this cuz i might know, sorry

User Image My Dream Avi

""On Site Love""
Yes, there are people out there who log into this wonderful site and well... ...stupidly fall in ' heart love heart ' with each other. xp xp

They meet for the first times and BAM!!! they want to meet eachother in real life and everything and say i which i knew u in real life. Really. It might be a 25 yr old with a 12 yr, what then? stare

It's funny to go all over the site and find people literally fall for eachother. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA rofl rofl

User Image My Dream Avi

u know wat's frustrating?
Having people @ skool ask u over and over when are you going to get a boyfriend
when will you date
when will you be with someone
your in highschool get one
gawd, it's non-stop annoyance
okay, so do i have to get a bf? no i do not
will i ever have one? yes but not now
am i straight? hell yes i am
why don't i get one now? easy, i just don't want to bother with the whole thing so no
what about the ones that ask me out and i been crushing on them? still no
why? they don't know me enough
Any other reason why? easy, i'm a teenager, people already sterotype teens to be brainless and since i'm a girl, people are watching to see if i'll get pregnat or however u spell it
I want to prove to them i won't so the only way to make sure they don't sterotype me is by not dating
the average age of being a teen mom is around 13-14-15-16
mostly around 15
sooooooooooooo i will prove that i will not get stupid over a guy by not dating. ha!

User Image My Dream Avi

The new look
i know i look like a noob w/ these cloths on, but wait less than three days and i'll be back to normal! on june 17 or 18 i'll be back to normal
also, if u could donate just a tiny bit i would be extremely happy

User Image My Dream Avi

What I see in my mind @ the moment

It flowed behind her like a pair of wings, whipping and slashing against the desert winds. She traveled quickly and silently, never drawing attention to herself as travelers walked by her. She kept her head down low, fearing that by showing her face someone might know who she was.
The footprints she left behind were erased as the surrounding sands covered them. But the one thing that she could not hide was the scent in the air caused by her. Travelers would smell it also but she pretended not to notice.

So yeah, whatever.
These are just notes to myself cause unless i write down what's in my mind it keeps on hammering my skull throughout the day if i don't. So no commenting people.

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