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Comment Of What you think of this in every page, Of every word. Well, I guess that you got the idea. Go ahead and have fun reading it. Thank you for viewing This Journal. What makes you here then anyway? Curious? If you are then, you must have been with my sickness.

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Pretend That You Are The Person In the story. This is actually for the girls. But the boys can read it, too. You play as a High School Student in this story. And

Class Ranks Are as of follows:
Obelisk Blue - High
Ra Yellow - Medium
Slifer Red - Lowest

I just took some characters and so as the school.

You were from a rich family but they quickly sold you off in Las Vegas as a stripper at a strip joint and of course, being as innocent as you were at that time didn't know what to do but you were horribly scarred and beaten for the rest of your life. Luckily, you were adopted by a boy from a rich family and his brother, considering you as part of their small family. After seeing you were a potential duelist, he enrolled you into the academy where you quickly became an Obelisk without question. Many students, because of this, were completely jealous of you. They often teased you, hurt you but you never shed a single tear, but you gave them a really dark look which scared them entirely. You walked emotionlessly through the pathways and then, a couple of juniors began hurting you. One sneered, "I heard you were a street rat! I wonder how you became an Obelisk!" The other one snarled at you, "Look at you, you're pathetic! I bet the reason why you became such a powerful ranking duelist is because of connections!" The leader said, "You're not worthy to even be here!" At that time, your hair went past your shoulders down to your ankles and they yanked it real hard, rendering you helpless. Then you heard someone say, "That's enough!" You saw another sophomore girl with two other girls with another bunch of guys. You saw two tall Obelisk guys and the rest of the guys were four Slifers and one Ra Yellow. One of the Obelisks said, "I don't think you're supposed to treat a girl that way, am I right?" Another said, "Whatever you're doing is sick and wrong." Seeing that the eight of them distracted the three of the bullies, you tried to pull away but the guy holding you just socked you, sending you down to the floor. You didn't speak but this was good enough to get Ms. Fontaine's attention and thus, relieved you of your problems. The girl approached you and asked kindly, "Are you okay?" You nodded weakly and she introduced herself, "I'm Alexis. These guys are my friends." One of the Slifers said cheerfully, "Hey, I'm Jaden! Glad to meet you." You were awfully stunned by their kindness and smiled faintly. The one of the Obelisks asked, "You alright?" He had green-blue eyes but they were looking kindly at you. You nodded and he helped you up. Alexis said, "Oh, this is Zane. One of my friends too!" Atticus inserted, "And also, a chic magnet and the Kaiser of the school." Zane said in half annoyed voice, "Atticus..." Zane said, "Well, since you're new here, let me show you around and no, Atticus you're not going to show her the guy's dorm." His brunette friend said, "Hmph. You know me too well." Zane smirked, "Yeah, you bet I do." So, you and Zane walked along as he showed you around.

At first, you were very uncomfortable since Crowler kept talking to you and about you with spite and because other students would glare at you. But, slowly you and Zane became the best friends and he was very nice to you. A side he rarely showed to anyone. You trusted him a lot to the point you developed a crush on him. However, that all changed when he left...

When he left, the students would bully you but you became the female valedictorian, excelling in both academics and duelling and they often dubbed you as the Female Kaiser while Alexis was dubbed as the Queen of Obelisk Blue. When he returned, he wasn't the Zane you knew anymore. After losing to Aster and playing in the underground tournaments, he developed a malicious sense of thinking and when you duelled him to stop him from hurting others, the only way for you to duel him was to agreen to his conditions, one: if he wins, you have to abide to his every whim no matter how illogical and two: if you win, you have to kill him. Of course, he did this to trap you and you couldn't push yourself to hurt him so, you purposely lost to him in order to spare his life. What you didn't realize was that Zane was going to make your past repeat itself except with much more brutal results. He stabbed you and gave you an experience that would haunt you for the rest of your life.

After that day, you seriously became emotional and suicidal. In alchemy class, you wanted to drink the chemical even if it did damage your brain and when you had biology, you always slit your wrist with a scalpel. Luckily, Alexis was always your lab partner so you were mostly prevented from bleeding yourself to death. However, when she wouldn't look and you were alone in your bathroom one night, you decided to end it all. You smashed the mirror, you took something really 'not for you'. You took a lot of drugs to soothe your senses but it didn't work, you cut your hair really short and slashed your arms and were ready to slit your throat. While this was happening, you heard hard banging on the door but you refused to listen to your friends. However, the door suddenly opened and you felt someone's arms around you. The voice whispered, "Don't die on me...not now..." You were in complete shock as you found Zane holding you for dear life. Zane whispered, "Verdandi, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean those things...I swear. I would never hurt you like that...ever!" You were speechless as he continued whispering to you, "I love you, Verdandi. Don't throw your life away just because you believe it's useless!" At this, tears escaped from your eyes, and you hugged Zane back and whispered while crying, "Thank you...thank you so much...and I love you too, Zane." He kissed you which probably lasted for so long and he said, "Let's get you cleaned." You nod with a reply, "Yeah." As he got you up, Atticus asked, "Hey, Zane?" You both looked at him and he said, "I didn't know you and your brother were the perfect lock picking team." That so ruined the moment, but heck, Zane always made sure, he was there to make you smile.

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