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New and improved. ;D
I thought I'd make a new beginning. ^^
Tagged by...Rag and El. xD
Ten Things You Want To Say To Ten Different People:

1) I love you soooo much!
2) I miss you!
3) Geez, you perv.
4) You're a dumbass.
5) OMG, you're SOOO SLOOOWWW. xD
6) Ah! Calm down!
7) Shut up already.
8 ) I'm glad you've settled down.
9) Why won't you let me see him?
10) You always get grounded. ._.'

Nine Things About Yourself:
1) I constantly change my hair.
2) I can be really loud.
3) Heights are my biggest fear.
4) I laugh a lot.
5) I hate drugs/smoking/drinking.
6) Er, I weigh about 103lb?
7) Eager to please.
8 ) I like to take long walks on the beach...lmao. I dunno.
9) I'm sarcastic.

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:
1) Be sarcastic.
2) Make me laugh tons.
3) Play around.
4) Sing!
5) Make weird noises with me. ;D
6) Tell me you think I'm beautiful. Dx
7) Don't hate my family/friends/dogs/house.
8 ) Be totally frickin awesome...and nerdy. xD <3

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A lot:
1) I wonder what Fred Fred's doing...
2) I miss him! D:
3) Already time to pray?!
4) These people are frickin' dumbasses.
5) When will I finally get to see him?
6) I wonder what I'll be when I grow up.
7) I'm hella hungry.

Six Things You Wish You Never Did:
1) Lost my virginity.
2) Kissed that guy.
3) Acted like a b***h at those times.
4) Hurt him...
5) Quit soccer and gymnastics.
6) Gotten so jealous.

Five Turn Offs:
1) Cheaters.
2) Drinking/smoking/drugs.
3) Annoying laugh.
4) Snot.
5) Not letting me cut my hair. X:

Four Turn Ons:
1) Cute laugh. ;3
2) Funny.
3) Abs!
4) Perfect teeth.

Three Smiley's That Describe Your Life:
1) <3
2) ._.'
3) xD

Two Things You Want To Do While You're Alive:
1) Marry Mizu.
2) Have his children.

One Confession:
1) I'm such a perv...xD

*Tags Mizu and other people.* Tag! xD You're it!

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