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Concerning music among other things
I do not like music, I have never heard any music which I've cared for, and i have listened to a lot. Primarily because of varying people trying to get me to like music who told me to listen to an excessive amount of different forms and songs. This doesn't mean I was forced and therefore wouldn't be able to appreciate it (as so many have tried to argue my thoughts with me about) I willingly listened to them and willingly searched on my own to listen. Still absolutely none of the hundreds of hours I've spent made me like any of it. This entry is for the sake of explaining my position to those who can't conceive the notion of such a difference and automatically use the words "different" and "pathetic", "pitiful", or "inferior" (as well as many others) synonymously!

Firstly in short it can be explained cryptically as by my mind being overly analytical. I focus on things and evaluate them in thought from as many perspectives as i can, large, small-scale, formal, informal, etc. As a result I see many of the things in society as being menial foolish and often repulsive. Not to digress farther, concerning music specifically it is very easy to dissect, I understand why humans normally have a desire for it because humans constantly desire rhythmic repetition based on the heart beat which is naturally associated with life. Also to avoid stagnation and boredom humans also desire to some extent variation, already the basic fundamentals of what music is. When I hear music I simply hear noise based on these desires, I associate the noise with wavelengths and vibrations of air molecules as they are. This is partly the cause for my stance.

There is also the social factor to include. Music, as well as television, movies, magazines, products, foods, social standards, and social normalities are all based on the majority support of people in any given society or even community. Thus most of the things supported (in this case which music is listened to) is often supported for the sake of conforming to general opinion for social acceptance by others who support such things themselves. This makes me question the primal desires of why I or anyone else does the things they and I do. I am vehemently against the concept of conforming to the majority for sake of being part of the majority and whenever i listen to any form of music I need to ask myself what is the real desire i have for doing so. With the knowledge of why anyone would naturally like music and my natural apathy towards it in conventional means, mixed with the probability that it is only for social acceptance to listen to music I have a natural distaste of music conceptually and the analytical view of what music even is make me less inclined to hold any in value. Aside from that no music has given me even the slightest reason to consider it differently and my perceptions are by no means dogmatic in this case.

There is another reason I forgot to mention about music, it also serves as an 'escape from reality'. By this I mean it is meant to have people focus on it while ignoring or becoming apathetic towards any/everything else (life, society, the day, work, school, or any form of stress). This I by no means condemn, I quite prefer the exclusion of reality from my mind often but most things that cause it do so in ways which I find hindering to thought or in general distracting from something I'd prefer to do. For me music is the latter. I am sure there would be many people who would object to most if not all of this as bigoted and subjective foolishness more so than would people who knew my opinions of the faith and religions of them or their natural placement and insignificant value in existence.

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