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Kitsune Archangel journal of evil
Tagged by a friend

- Age: 22, and I feel old darn it!

- Annoyance: Random s**t that just pisses me off.

- Animal: FUSKIES!

- Actor: Robert Englund ( actor who play Freddy Kruger on nightmare on Elm street)

- Beer: Bud light with lime, or coolers light.

- Birthday: October 17th.

- Blind or Deaf: Neither, and I'd hate be be any.

- Best weather: Sunny, and in the 70's.

- Believe in Santa: No.

- Candy: Sour things FTW!

- Colour: Sky blue.

- Countries to visit: Canada, Asia, China.

- Day or Night: Night.

- Danced: Yes.

- Do the splits?: No, I'd probably rip a tendon in that area.

- Eggs: Sunny side up, or scrambled.

- Eyes: Brown, and I hate them to DEATH!

- Everyone has: p***s (true story)

- First thoughts waking up: Alright, who woke me up? D:

- Food: Chinese, FTW!

- Greatest Fear: Living on my own.

- Giver or taker: Taker, god am I such a bottom person.

- Gum: Sour apple.

- Hair Colour: Black/Blue (original brown sad )

- Height: 5'4.

- Happy?: As of lately unsure.

- Hate: Yeah, well I hate you too. rofl

- Ice Cream: Cookie dough, Coffee, Cheese cake.

- Instrument: I wish I could play one, if I could it would be the piano, or organ.

- Jewelry: Don't have any, although I did perice my own ear a long time ago.

- Job: Unemployed at the moment. sad

- Kids: Not for me, although I'm the last in my family.

- Keep a journal?: Yes I do, it is kind of private and out of date though.

- Longest Car Ride: 3 days, so about 72 hours.

- Love: My bf, and all my friends smile

- Laughed so hard you cried: yep.

- Milk flavour: whole milk plox.

- Movie: I went to go see Friday the 13th remake not to long ago. Awesome movie.

- Mooned anyone?: A while back in grade school.

- Marriage: Sometime in the future, if I live in a state that approves gay marriage.

- Number of Siblings: 1 Sister

- Number of Piercings: None

- Number: 55
- Overused Phrases: I can't think of one at the moment.

- One wish: To travel the world, and live w/e I see fit.

- One phobia: Cockroaches, so ******** gross D:

- Place you'd like to live: Anywhere that I see fit.

- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi

- Quail: Quail man! (Doug reference)

- Questionnaires: I personally hate them.

- Reason to cry: Well if there is no reason, then that defeats the purpose.

- Reality T.V.: I like it sometimes. Depends on what it is.

- Song: The Kill- 18 seconds to mars.

- Skinny dipped?: Yes

- Shower daily?: every other day.

- Sing well?: I sing very well. I can follow most leads in most bands.

- Swear?: Sometimes, but as of lately not that much.

- Stuffed Animals?:I wish I still had my life size husky sad

- Time for bed: Usually 3 am. I choose my own bedtime.

- Thunderstorms: Cool, but I hate being alone in them.

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: Can't do that sadly. My grandmother can though.

- Unpredictable: Sometimes, it's weird.

- Under the influence?: Depends on what drug. lmao, although I don't do them.

- Understanding?: I'm confusing as ********, don't mind me.

- Vegetable you hate: Asparagus

- Vegetable you love: Corn.

- Vacation spot: Hawaii!

- Weakness: My heart.

- When you grow up: I wanna just make sure things are okay. Or be a computer science major.

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: John

- Worst feeling: Being heartbroken.

- X-Rays: Only had a few.

-Year it is now: 2009

-Yellow: No! Blue >:]


- Zoo animal: Arctic fox

- Zodiac sign: Tiger.

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