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Based on a series of dreams I had.. I was a male, craving this one woman. However I became confused as I was also overcome with some sociopathic tendencies...
I did not expect it to be like this. Even now, so far into our relationship. She's mumbling other names in her sleep while I do nothing but hold her and try not to tear open the veins of those filling her head. Her beautiful head.. With dark brown hair and fluttering eyelids. Her pink lips are light and faded, a removed scar across the right side. So soft and tender, I can't help but place mine on hers.
And her skin... So perfectly light, pale and bleak. Why doesn't she see this beauty?
I am filled with nothing but regret for loving her so, and hurting her like I did. But I'm sure she will thank me for cleaning her up. Tending to all her wounds... I just wonder when I should wake her up? But two more doses should keep her out for a few hours, I'll figure it out then.
But climbing out of bed, having to let her go seems so hard. Like it would last forever. I truly can't take much more of this. Why won't she be mine? But all to well, I'll take her off this drug. I'll show her just how much I care, all over again.

I'm walking. Actually walking. For once. This has been so hard, so weird. So painful. All these wounds, this psychopath. But it's all over. I'm here. Walking. In a field. Of flowers. It's warm. So warm. So sunny. Softly bright. I'm in peace...
A sound. Not a bird. Or water. Or a dear. Not even a butterfly. It's sticks. Breaking. Something is running. It's coming towards me. Out of the trees. What is it? I can't see. Why is it getting darker? And colder? The wind is bitter... There it is!
Or not...
Maybe I'm imagining things?
But it's too late.... It's jumped on me. I can feel it. It's wrapping itself around me. Holding me tighter, choking my life. Why is it so hurtful to breathe? It feels like my throat is-

She gasped! Finally. It was quite a few minutes, her breaths were so shallow. I wonder how much it hurt? With all her screaming from before, she started to cough blood. But she's alive, and slightly moving. Her eyes aren't open yet. It's time to leave... But only until tonight, my love. I'll be back again. I'll show you just how much I care. All over again.

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