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Most likely going to write my story here
Watt-Dickbutt 3 (Not Official Name)
Rianna was the first to wake up. She looked over at Kayla's bed, only to see her sprawled out on her back like a starfish that had too much Dr.Pepper. Rianna got up and hopped in the shower. Meanwhile Kayla started to stir due to Rianna pretending to be in a sexy shower scene. Kayla sat up in bed and yawned, then pulled out her kawaii desu laptop and checked her facebook till it was her turn in the shower. Once Rianna got out and came to chill in her towel while looking at pictures of army girls, Kayla went and took her shower. While Kayla was doing her thing, Rianna started to pack her s**t, make the beds, and throw random crap at the Autistic Furries as they passed below on the street. Kayla was finally done with her shower; she was all dressed and smelling like chocolate. By then Rianna had tired of hurting Autistic Furs below and had gotten mostly everything packed, except for the odd Bra and sock on the floor or bed. Rianna then remembered that her companion was in fact, a robot. She began to worry about Kayla since she just had a shower.
"Wait, wait, wait, aren't you a robot Kayla?" Rianna questioned
"Yup! Why?" Kayla replied without noticing Rianna's worry
"Then... Why aren't you... y'know, short circuiting or something?" Rianna asked in a worried tone.
This made Kayla laugh, what a silly thing for Rianna to say.
"Nope!" Kayla smiled and continued "I have super duper water proof skin! I don't need to shower, but I like too. You know, to smell nice"
Rianna sighed with relief, glad her friend wasn't going to have her circuits fried at any second. Who knows how much fixing her would ******** cost. The small clock on the side table beside the beds beeped as a warning to tell them that there was only an hour left to check out if they were going to only stay for one night. The two gathered their crap and headed back to the lobby.

After the girls had checked out, they stepped out into Cosplay Ave once more. Even though it was about 8 am, the street was lit up like a Christmas tree. The electricity bill must be nuts. Cosplayers were also scurrying everywhere in little packs, looking at all the advertisements and anime posters everywhere. Rianna started her focus on finding Dr.Cockter. She looked all around. The street was dark but bright as the sun at the same time. So many people, most of which were arguing and starting flame wars. Then as Rianna walked up and down the street she stopped and suddenly saw her target, Dr Z Cockter, Standing in the shade of an alley off of the street. She stopped dead in her tracks. She knew it was him, and He knew it was her. After all these years she had found him again. Kayla, who had been distracted while walking, bumped into the back of Rianna, sending Rianna spilling forward towards Dr Cockter. Kayla stopped as soon as she ran into Rianna and froze, staring at Cockter. He was tall, about 5'7, scrawny like a 14 year old boy who had a poor family. He had shoulder length straight hair that was dyed rainbow; a Nazi Commander hat sat loosely on his brow and aviator sunglasses covered his eyes. Under his nose a bandanna with a black and white pattern was tied around his face and ended just as it reached his collar bones. He was wearing black shirt with naked women with guns and wolves on it, and a pair of jeans with army boots. A long black cape swished behind him. It reminded Kayla of Batman.

Rianna bit and fiddled with the inside of her Labret piercing. Cockter smiled under his bandanna as he stepped up and grabbed the girls, rushed down the alley and pushed them into a small room that lead off of the alleyway. Rianna and Kayla crashed through the door and fell into a pile of plastic bottles and old clothes. Rianna guessed this was where he had been nesting for the past while. Then he stepped into the room, and loomed over them. Kayla Whimpered and stayed down, Rianna stood up and faced her past friend.

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