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Rexrias Reports Part Journal, Part Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction, All Rexrias Be Sure to read from the Beginning so that you know what has happened up to the current point. Feel free to subscribe!

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Rexrias Report 4
The rest of the Diffusion has taken control.

Larxene and Axel told the others about what happened, leaving out the trigger in their explanation. No one believed it until Larxene transformed for them. Everyone was awestruck, the most unlikely one to earn her place in the group was the first to be overcome by the Diffusion.

Kairi was next. We we fighting off a huge Heartless hoard on a cliff. Kairi and Sora were extremely close to the edge. She stumbled off the edge, and Sora caught her. She began to glow pink. When Sora pulled her up, her normal pink dress had poofy short sleeves and a frilly petticoat shirt. On her back were a set of sparkling pink butterfly wings. She barely even swung her Keyblade and the rest of the Heartless disappeared. Sora was obviously surprised at how powerful she had become. We all went up to the two to examine the tranformation. Her costume had a belt with a heart shaped buckle with a keyhole on it. The symbol appeared on her sleeves, tights, and shoes. Her transformation amulet was her lucky charm.

Aqua followed close behind. Vanitas had returned to taunt Ven again. Vanitas figured out that Aqua was an easy target to spike Ven's anger, which made Vanitas stronger. He would lash at Aqua again and again, Ven blocking him. She yelled at him.
"Why are you blocking me? I can handle him."
"I almost lost you to him once, I am not letting him have a chance to do that again." Aqua began to glow blue at that. Her wings bore a resemblance to fish fins and instead of shorts, her outfit was a one-piece it a slightly longer skirt. She and Ven knocked Vanitas back into submission. Her lucky charm was her Transformation amulet as well.

Weeks passed, and nothing had happened to Namine. I followed her and Roxas one night to a lake. They were sitting on a rock and looking at the stars.
"Yes, Namine?"
"Why are you always so nice to me?"
"Because, I lo..like you, Namine. Why?"
"No one likes a witch." she sighed.
"Namine! You are not a witch."
"Yes I am, Roxas. Look at me! I ruin lives, I hurt people, I am dark, ugly" she cried. Roxas wrapped his arms around her tightly.
"Namine, I can't stand hearing you call yourself that."
"What am I then?" she snapped.
"You are an angel, Namine."
"I am not an angel." She said, looking away.
"Yes you are! You're kind, gentle, pure, beautiful. You're perfect." He turned her face back to him. She tried to look away, but her eyes met his.
"You think I'm beautiful?"
"Yes Namine," He stroked her cheek,"You're the most beautiful girl in all of the worlds."
"You're just saying that." She turned away. "I'm not pretty." Roxas rolled his eyes.
"Why can't you see yourself the way I see you, Namine?" He held her close and hugged her tightly,"Why can't you see the angel you are?" She hugged back, snuggling into his body.
"You don't deserve me."
"You're right. You're to good for me."
"Roxas..." was all she could say before he pressed his lips to hers. They both began to glow bright white. Her dress was longer and had silver and gold stitching on it. His clothes were now dark leather with pieces of armor on his legs, chest, and shoulders. She had a pair of glowing, white, shining, feathered wings. Her good luck charm glowed, his necklace did as well. They stood up, Namine's hair was much longer and had a wave to it. They kissed again. A circlet appeared on both of their heads, both gold. I smiled, the last girl and the first boy were overcome with Diffusion. Now, I knew what the trigger truly was, an expression of true love in the presence of a Flyer.


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