My beloved Baby,

You are free. Free to do anything you want now. We buried you tonight along with our old dog BJ. [[That is his name and if you make fun of it, I swear to God I will NEVER talk to you again. And I mean it!]] BJ's ashes have been in a sealed wooden box since he passed on, and we only thought it wise to bury you with him. Though I put on a strong front for my grandma, who was practically bawling when my dad started digging your grave, I felt the urge to collapse on my knees and pray. Pray to God that you live a happy life in the skies, the place where all birds long to be. To soar high above us and watch the world as it's creator's messenger. You will forever be in my heart, and I cherish the moments we've had. The good, the bad, the obnoxious, all of it. I will NEVER forget them, and I just wanted you to know that. I will visit your grave every day and talk to you. Get down on my knees and pray. Maintain the garden we plant around the two of you, and play music with birds chirping in the background. That always made you want to chirp ever so loudly, and it had come to my realization that I can never whistle in my room again without crying, because every time I started whistling, you'd join in. Now, thinking of how much I'd be able to do that in peace, would not let me be in it if you're at peace.

Baby, I love you. Have a happy life beyond the clouds, and I will meet you again somehow...

...somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.