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Frankie's Journal
just some stuff, and some of the inner most workings of my brain. hope you can bear the utter crap that flows from it.
College: My Life is a Sitcom
This past year was my Freshman year at college. Everything that happened to me probably isn't half as crazy as some other college stories, but with my friends its been one heck of a roller coaster.

First Quarter

I made the best decision of my life before I even started college. I applied to be a welcome leader. Essentially, the few of us chosen move in a few days early and make the move-in process easier for everyone else when they arrive. My roommate Lacey and I were the only ones on ground floor, and two hours after we moved in, the tornade sirens went off. That's how we met our RA, Dan. Btws, he's cut-off shorts gay. Another bit of trivia, my dorm was arranged Ground, First, Second, Third.

That same day, I met my best friend Quinn heart We hung out with each other for 70 consecutive days. At first, I thought he was a bit strange because he introduced himself as Quixotic Quinn during the stupid adjective get to know you game. I've determined Chivalrous would have been better. Any way, Quinn lived on the third floor and I ended up hiking those 3 flights of stairs everyday. It was through Quinn that I ended up meeting my other friends mrgreen

On move-in day, I was working as a transporter. It was my job to take the carts of crap into the correct building and to the correct floor/room. Also working this position was Wade, the third floor pretty boy (not joking, he's hot!). My roommate had been in his WL group and informed me he used to work at Abercombi and so I was pretty certain he would be a preppy douche. During a lull in arrivals, I got the chance to talk to him. I knew something was amiss when Wade started talking about raising cows for 4H. Eventually I got it out of him. He actually worked at Hollister, and only because they offered and he needed one. Wade truly despised working there. We seemed to hit it off pretty well, and I gave him a lot of crap for wearing a hoodie and jeans on a 90 degree day.

After move-in day, I kinda thought I would never see him again. Turns out, his room was across from Quinn's mrgreen Wade and I are now besties too! heart

SO, all my friends ended up being from third floor. Here's the break down.
Quinn roomed with Everett, Doug, and Dylan.
Wade roomed with Big Chris, Louis, and Daniel
To the right of Quinn's room was Kristin and Kelsey
Down the Hall to the left (passing by the floor whore's room) was Jon and John
Across the hall from the John's was RJ and James (until he moved to second floor)
Further down was Forrest, Tom, Joe, and Silly Chris.
At the end of the hall was Taylor and Melissa.

Friends from second floor are
Laura, Cody, Shaun, and James.

Please note that I have more guy friends. I quickly learned from Wade to never. ever. ask questions. Everything becomes a normal occurrence. For example, my first full weekend on campus, my friends decided to get drunk then high off herbal incense. Quinn was too drunk to roll a joint, so he taught Wade (who didn't smoke or drink at the time). When we returned to the dorm, Silly Chris, Wade, and I had to force Big Chris inside and coax him up the stairs. Quinn and I babysat him while he rocked back and forth on the floor claiming he was in "a state of disarray" while Wade and Chris went down the hall to babysit the floor whore Caitlin.

Gosh there are so many stories to tell.
The first night Wade got drunk, we went through two large bottles of crappy 40% rum. I myself had about 5 straight shots (no chasers), and was feeling pretty fine. Wade was flying pretty high before I started drinking, and was completely ridiculous when I was done. The night ended with a cuddle pile on Quinn's bed. Wade was against the wall, Quinn in the middle, me on the outer edge, and RJ on top. Nothing inappropriate occurred with the exception of Wade pecking Quinn on the lips about 8 times. I also had to demonstrate to wade where each person was. You know you're pretty drunk when you think "it's so dark, I can't see anything" and then you open your eyes. Ever since, I've had to correct Wade's telling of the event cause he always manages to get it wrong.

Be careful if you ever befriend a bromance. You could end up in a psuedo love triangle thing. I know I did. I ended up falling for Wade. He's turned out to be one seriously amazing guy. Despite being unable to read music and having no formal lessons, he can play piano and guitar quite beautifully. His talent allows him to play by ear and compose. In addition Wade is a brilliant artist. He told me once that he frequently doesn't know what he's drawing until its done. I don't know how he can produce such masterpieces. I have been teaching him how to draw girls though. He was clueless when it came to human proportions. He's so cute when he's learning whee

For some strange reason, he came to college with this idea that he was going to be a pharmacy major. After one quarter, everyone knew he didn't actually enjoy it, and he wasn't even into any core prerequisites. Once when we were hanging out, just the two of us, he told me that my enthusiasm for my major made him seriously question if he was going into the right area. He realized that he didn't get as much enjoyment out of his major as I do out of mine. Finally, when third quarter rolled around, he got the courage to tell his parents pharmacy wasn't for him. I was really excited for him when he explained he was now going into animation and his parents were backing him up all the way.
When I arrived at the dorm after break, I found him in front of his computer, absorbed in Autodesk Maya, a computer animation program. I'd never seen him so enthralled in anything before. I just wanted to sit there and watch him discovering all the cool things he could do and create with that program.

It was midway through second quarter when i worked up the courage to tell him how i felt. He realized it was coming though and ran off so I couldn't tell him in person. Instead, I was forced to tell him via text message because he went so far as to leave the building. I still want to kill him because he robbed me of my moment. I worked so hard to get up the nerve to tell him, he was the first guy I've ever confessed my feelings to, and because he was too much of a coward himself I had to tell him through a stupid text. Well, he only liked me as a friend. I wasn't about to make a big deal out of it and lose a great friend. Sure, I cried myself to sleep a couple times, but I tried to think positively. As a result, we're super close best friends now mrgreen

So then, midway through third Quarter, the other half of the bromance, Silly Chris, kinda sorta told me he liked me. On our way back from the store one night, he sat me down on a bench and told me that he wasn't sure how he felt about me, he just knew that when I hugged him he hoped that I would never let go. Of course, he got all teary eyed and just about started to cry. I hate it when guys cry cause its so freakin pathetic. The kid is so freakin emotional, it drives me insane. Naturally, I told him that I didn't feel that way about him, but promised that we would still be friends. Unfortunately, Chris isn't good at dealing with girls in general, so understandably, he was terrible at handling the rejection. We went to a party the next night, he got shwasted and ended up clinging to me most of the night. When I finally convinced him to go to bed, he looked at me and told me "Cake is love". This might sound like nonsense, but Cake was my nickname. I put an end to that one about a week later since it had become developed into a pet name.

After Chris had psuedo confessed his feelings to me, I texted Wade asking him if he knew chris sorta kinda maybe liked me. Well, Wade told Chris congrats on getting the nerve to tell me, and Chris ended up being upset with him for some unknown reason that they never told me, and Chris was mad at me for telling Wade and Sami (two of my best friends). Well, after Chris' drunken episode, I quit hanging out with him when he drinks in excess since he just becomes an emotional little girl. He then started just acting generally sad whenever I was around, so I started avoiding him, claiming that I needed a break. Wade was avoiding him to because of their fight. After about a week, Chris and Wade worked out their issue, and Wade discussed with Chris why I was avoiding him. He was completely oblivious that was he was doing was driving me insane. So then Chris came down to my room to talk to me about it. He got teary eyed again, and I was so close to killing Wade since the talk was his idea and he said Chris wasn't going to make it dramatic again.
Then I had to explain to Chris what a pet name is and explain how Cake had become one and that he had to stop calling me that. He was pretty sad about that too.

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