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D.D's DTTPAY- Weekly Mentions May 2009
Sour Kitteh- Pink and Lavender Sweet Lace Dresses
b l u m i- Starfish
iTauro- Masterpieces
Calatri- 10k
Super G_a_i_a- Is too nice
Camilliax3- 10k, Mono Skunk
Sour Kitteh- 13k
Pho Vn- Magical Girl and 4k
Edissa2- Cherry Blossom
_ Ch0pStiK _- 13k, 11k
Super G_a_i_a- 12k, 20k, 15.8k, 10k, Nomy, 12.5k, Sprout's Hair Pin, Head Case, 5.6k and Suspenders, 10k
Hurtful Tears- Fire Flower, White Bunny Hoodie and 5k, 8k and WTF Hat, Pink/Blue Sweetheart Teddies and Onyx Vest
Wishful Panda- Elemental Wings, 10k
Overdressed Sharpie- Fire Flower
Camillax3- 10k, Sugarplum Puff Sleves, Trench Hat, 20k
b l u m i- 15k, 14k
I_SpRiNkLeD_hippoz- 10k
Sour Kitteh- 15k
iiSillyNiki--x- 10k
Lisonallie- Biancamella 6th Gen.
Malus Dracua- 15.6k
Kween67- Cute stuff all day
FragiIe- 10k and Bunny Hat, Candy Pink Sweet Lace Dress, 10k
Crystalemum2- Fairy Wings
Kween67- Nice cute shinys, 10k
Super G_a_i_a- 12k, 12.5k
b l u m i- 12k
Pho Vn- 10k and items
Super G_a_i_a- 10.2k
iChocolate_Bovine- Grizzly Hoodie, Cherry Blossom
Mitsuki Mori- Violet T-Rex and 10k
Kween67- 13k
Kween67- really nice
Xsilent_angelX1- Bao
Malus Dracula- 10k and items, Pora Ice
RedGiraffes- 10.9k
iTauro- 2 Gold Bracelets and 10.4k
_ Ch0pStiK _- 10k, 11.1k
Mitsuki Mori- 15k
b l u m i- 10k
Fallen Insaniity- 10k
_ Ch0pStiK _- 13k, 10k, Celebrity Date, 10k
Camillax3- 10k in items, 20k, clothes lol, Grunny and Kitty Slippers
LiviixCore- 10k
iTauro- Mono Skunk Plushie
Kween67- Head Case and 7k
_ Ch0pStiK _- Random 10k
Fallen Insaniity- Stuffs XD
Overdressed Sharpie- Mono Skunk
Camillax3- Pink and gold crap and other colors <3 o3o
_ Ch0pStiK _- Random 10k
-x-Watcher-x-- Fairy Wings
Mitsuki Mori- 11k
b l u m i- 10k
Durri- 10k
Mitsuki Mori- 14.5k, 13.8k, 13k, 15k
Private M I N T- Sprout's Petals
redrose_99- 15k, Sunflower Sun Dress and 10k
iTauro- Bon Pain and 20k, Pearls and 10.4k
LiviixCore- 10k
Fallen Insaniity- 10k
Sour Kitteh- 25k
b l u m i- Kinzie Plush

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