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heart Guardian angels? :heart
Chapter one The Meeting? / Intro
he names crystal, Crystal Hoshoki. I am fifteen and just moved from America and now coming to Japan. Tokyo, Japan. Theres lots of people here. The schools are way different.
My brother Jake takes care of me. I have no mother or father. They both died in an accident. I was there. At the time I was ten. The screams I heard that day made me sick. I was broken that day.
But weird thing about that is I felt nothing. No harm came to me. Was it a guardian angel that was watching over me? Maybe.

Chapter One
The Meeting?

“Crystal…Crystal…Crystal! You’re going to be late for your first day of school.” Jake shook her hard. She yawned and moaned, “Oh Great! I don’t want to be late!” Jake laughed, "Still in Wonderland?" She Hurried and pushed Jake out the door and stripped off her clothing and glanced around. Looking for the uniform.
Crystal rushed downstairs putting on her jacket. She ran past Jake grabbing the toast he had made. He yelled at her, "Hey that was my toast!" She stopped for a second, “You can make some more.” She smiled and ran out the door.
Crystal ran for the bus stop and barely made it there. She sighed and walked in paying the driver. She looked around and there was only one seat left next to a brown haired kid. He looked pretty young.
She walked over to him and cleared her throat. “Excuse me but may I sit here next to you?” She asked.He replied with a smile. He looked so alive and joyful just like a child should be. “Yeah of course.” He said.
She sat down and put her head back. “I’m Pitto what’s your name?” He asked. She looked at him Having a serious face on and said, “I’m Crystal.” She almost lost her serious look. His name was ridiculous. She ended up laughing
“What’s so funny?” He asked in confusion. “Your name! I’m sorry.” He smiled, “It is pretty funny isn’t it?” He smiled. “You can just call me Pit.”
“Oh then I’ll be seeing you again?”
“Yep! You have on my schools uniform.”
She looked at his. They matched.
“Wait a second how old are you?” She asked.
“Me. Oh Im twelve. I skipped a few grades. Well heres our stop better get going.”
The school looked so big. She was to busy looking at the school rather than watching out where she was going.
She ran into a very tall guy. “Oh I’m so sorry!” She said as she looked at the guy. He had spikey hair and a headband on. He looked strong.
He grunted “ Watch where you’re going instead of looking off into space.” He said. “Oh Ike stop being so mean she is new here.” Pit smiled at Crystal, “Crystal I’d like you to meet Ike.” Ike said nothing and stomped away. “Is he always grumpy like that?” She asked Pit in a worried tone “Yep that’s just how Ike acts. But inside he’s a big softy” He grabbed her hand . “I’ll show you your classroom, Ok?” He pulled her a bit.
“Well well. So she finally arrives.” An unfamiliar voice said. Crystal turned around to see a blue haired person. He approached her with a group of girls following behind.
“So you’re Crystal right.” He grabbed her hand. kissed it. The group of girls glared at Crystal. “Y-Yea I am.” She said. Her face was red.
“This is Marth. The cutest and most charming guy in school. He won all of the girls hearts. Never dated though. Never even kissed anyone like he did to you. So the girls behind him hate you by now.” Pit whispered in her ear.
“Thank you Pit. I’ll take it from here.” He said throwing his arm around Crystal and walking off.
Crystal blushed badly, People were staring and whispering. “So you’re names crystal. That’s a beautiful name.” He smiled at her. All Crystal could do was blush.
Marth grabbed both her hands and got close to her face . “Is something the matter?” He asked in a worried tone.
“N-no Nothings the matter I-I’m fine.” She said as she tried to escape his hold on her.
“Are you sure?” He asked still with worry in his voice. Crystal backed up from him. “Yes I’m fine”
Marth smiled and what made her more embarrassed was, “ You look so cute when you blush.” Crystal had no idea how to reply to that.
“Shut up Marth.” Crystal quickly turned to see where that voice came from. “Oh Ike I was just playing with her. Dont you agree she’s cute?”
Marth put his hands on her shoulder and smiled sweetly at her. Ike stared at her, “She looks the same like every other girl to me.” Crystal was shock, 'I look the same to him?!' Ike made a huge sigh and pushed Marth away. “Follow me.” He told her. She nodded.
Marth was confused but still smiling he walked away and the group of girls came running behind him.
Ike brought her to her classroom. “Just let me know if you need help with any thing or someone bugs you…” He said in a low tone. “Thank you.” She smiled and sat down. Pulling out her note book and class started.

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