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Am i suposse to be normal? Is there a rule book that will tell me what to do and when to do it?
It seems everything i do is wrong...Your told to be you, right? But everytime you be yourself it seems someone yells at you telling you That you should act this way or that way.

I can't take much more of this. I hate how parents may tell you how to act or be, but when you try to make a suggestion to them they flip out on you. Like if you say eww to something, not meaning eww as in yuck but eww as in cool, they flip out and yell at you.

Much more of this and im gunna flip and yell. Its like you have to be a complete robot and try to make them as happy as possible or you get yelled at. How can i be a robot and your daughter? How can i tell you how i feel, insted of crying all night about my pain? How am i suppose to be me if you keep wanting me to be this robot?

I cant be your robot, I cant pretend to care, i cant be your pet and be near forever more, I cant always understand what you mean, I'm not old enough for this mess im only 15, And even when i grow up i cant always understand, You seem to think i should do whatever you say, but i cant do thing i dont agree with, and i won't always lisen to a word you say, But i need you to know,

Its not that i dont love you its that your always screaming at me and more, like when i say a swearing word cuz i need to show my pain, like when you do it and noone cares, but you think i shouldnt cuz im so young, but your no different then me, So why cant you see, That i know life ain't fair but sometimes it can be, OH and btw of corse i love you and that will always stay

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