I get called out in school because kids are getting bad grades in art. "This isn't a fair class because she has an advantage" And I'm sitting there like what are they talking about? I practice. That's my big advantage?

It's very annoying that I'm being condemned because I've practiced tirelessly and have become a rather nice artist. Why is it that people think they'll complete a single hour of practice and they'll be the next Picasso? Well, I do practice. It's a God given talent crying No. Natural talent is nice, but most people, like me, started out crappy and got better. It just takes patients. Practice. And concentration.

And one of the most aggravating question..."How do you draw?" For me there are seven answers.
-With Graphite.
-With Charcoal
-With Pen
-Very Carefully
-On paper
-From Life
-In a sketchbook