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Pariah's Diary Get to know me, humans.

Community Member
My Character's Gaia Origins.

Species: Human.

So you know me as ChaosPariah. The woman of many faces. But what if I told you that was not my choosing? That I was cursed? You'd probably say that's just an in universe reason to justify my constant ADHD with changing my avatars. But...it's not.

I'm a curse victim.

See, I wandered to Gaia nine years ago cause I was trying to go to this place called Club Penguin but I took a wrong turn and got stuck with a flat tire. I knocked on the door of this mansion that my car stalled in front of looking for some help or even a phone. Guess I didn't realize I was outside a house of vampires. I was immediately thrown into the dungeon by some weird Sweeney Todd looking dude. He rambled on about how I was a "Gambino operative" and try as I might to explain, he wanted none of it. At this point I was like, screw it and attempted to break out. This white haired creepy looking vampire caught me but I punched him in the face and kept running. Too bad I didn't look where I was running.

*SMACK* right into the wall.

I was taken back to the dungeons and forced to watch my car being destroyed by these two blonde ladies. Bastards, I just paid that off.

So the Sweeney Todd looking jerk came up to me and grabbed me by the throat. "So, you still claim to not be a Gambino operative?"

I rolled my eyes. "Listen, jackass, I just got here. I had a flat tire and just wanted to get it changed. Which by the way," I looked over at the two women "thanks for that."

"Oh a mouthy one are you?" The white haired guy's voice came out from behind the guy holding my throat. "Who knows she could be useful master."

I chuckled. "What you want me to be a house servant? Screw you!" I spit in the face of the guy holding my throat, who recoiled from it. I felt a large slap across my face and the guy with white hair pulled me from the wall only to slam me against it again. "How dare you, filthy human. That is the Lord Von Henson. You show some respect or I'll drain your blood from your body. Filthy harlot."

I stuck my tongue out, or at least tried to. "Hey pretty boy, the early 2000's called. They want their stupid haircut ba----." I felt a sharp knife against my side.

"Zhivago, enough." The white haired man turned to the guy behind him. "But master..."

"Do you dare question me?"
"No master but...." I could feel his trip loosen.

"I will deal with this one myself." The man called Von Helson picked me up after Zhivago dropped me. "You. You like to make jokes and make a name for yourself?"

I smirked but said nothing.

"Now you're quiet woman. Well listen here. Every day you will look like someone new. Your identity will be a mystery to all and even you will never know who you really are. No matter where you go or what you do, you will never be known for anything. I will force you to live in agony, alone, and helpless. Now what do you have to say about that?"

I raised my eyebrow. "Really. I mean like you're not gonna curse me to he invisible? Your curse doesn't seem very fitting to be fair."

Von Helson shrugged. "Hey, evil overlord here. I do what I want. Besides if I do this, nobody will ever trust you. You will be doomed to wander alone. Forever."

He snapped his fingers. I could feel my body change into a weird shape. "Every day without warning this will happen. You cannot stop it. You will never stop i..."

"You know I always wanted to dye my hair."

I heard a grunt and before I knew it, I was thrown out of the mansion and landed on a pile of leaves outside.

I looked at a nearby path and began to follow it. I turned back and looked at the castle.

"You know....why didn't he just curse me to be his thrall..?" I shrugged.
"Damn plot convenience."

And that's how I got stuck like this.

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