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Memoirs of a Hopeless Romantic
I plan to write my poetry and songs. I maybe sometimes will describe how i am feeling ect.
Scapa Novel Teaser
She walked over the side of the wall and picked up a sign. From where I was sitting it was a bunch of jumbled red words that stung my eye. She picked up the paper and disappeared within a few seconds. Many more went after her, each of them picking up that same red worded paper. I grabbed my duffle bag and lugged it over the where people had started disappearing. I took a deep breath and clenched my bag. I picked up one of the papers, and at the top it read Big City.
I couldn’t think as the bright red colors blinded me and the blues and greens made me feel shivers. As I spiraled through the tunnel I wondered if I had just got a drug addiction or was in a deep sleep. But it was too real, the feelings pinched my nose and I knew I had got myself into a world of trouble.

I must have been out for a while, well I wasn’t really sure but it seemed as if I hit the ground pretty hard. All around me was green colored carpet and tall oak trees. After getting a better look at the trees I realized that I wasn’t in a forest at all, I was in a room. I couldn’t see past the big tree that was next to me and I wished I was in Tokyo with my parents. That’s when the lights started blinking around me and the smell of rubber on heated segment crossed my noise. I was in Tokyo, I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s when I felt my mothers soft hands on my shoulders and my dad’s firm grip on my hand. It blinked some more and I relized by the faint white color I was in a hospital. From that moment on I knew I couldn’t think about it. I knew from that moment on that I couldn’t keep thinking about how my grandmother was doing so I sprung up and searched for a way out. I came to a light and I walked closer until I seen a red sky and two lanky guys crumbling through the sky.
After laughing for a second as the guy on top hit the ground in his black boxers with tiny hearts on them, I decided to go see if they were alright. I felt the rush of cool wind hit my face as I was slowly falling to the ground. I positioned my legs and hands so I would hit the ground just right. I did and I was proud as I looked up to the window I had jumped from, I knew my few years in gymnastics as a child paid off. My legs were weak from the fall so I took a moment to look around at the area. The buildings flew into the vibrant red sky. Fluffy multicolored ball like creature, tall grey figures and things with horns all walked casually around like people falling from the sky was normal.
After catching my breathe I darted towards the two guys who had just fallen to their almost deaths. I realized at that time there was someone under them.

Nuclear H-bomb
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Nuclear H-bomb
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