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My Poems.
Umm...it's just what I write when I get bored. They need work. Leave comments! XD
Can't you see she's crying out?

She's filled with fear, regret, self-doubt.

But you ignore her, never care.

People she loved were never there.

She's longing for your love and affection.

Instead, you walk the opposite direction.

She is in so much pain.

You walked away from her again.

She went home to no one who cared.

Figured life would be better if she wasn't there.

So in the bathroom, on the floor,

Turned the lights out, shut the door.

Filled the tub with gasoline.

Struck a match to end the pain.

She saw God's face, bright and magnificent.

All pain is gone...no more 'insignificant.'

let me bleed.
stab my heart out, let me bleed.
you're all i want, you're all i need.
why did you dissappear and leave me alone?
i was waiting for you and you didn't come.
pierce a dagger through my skin,
through my soul, and out again.
you said you would always be there, but you weren't.
you don't know the pain i feel, the regret, the hurt.
push a knife right through my heart.
i can't stand when we are apart.
but you don't care, don't understand.
you held my heart, when you took my hand.
you stole my heart, tried to sew it together,
tried to mend it, but it didn't get better.
so gently place it back into my chest,
you ruined my heart, my life is a mess.

wounds re-opened.
She is gone.
No more.
Emotions overflow to my eyes.
Enveloping darkness, in pain, I cry.
Why did she think she was inadequate?
She knew I needed her.

Now all I have is him.
The drunk, addicted, irrascible father.
My spirit's broken.
Old wounds re-opened.
He is really not a father at all.
Just a body...he has no soul.
Always taking that lethal substance.
He never thinks.
So numb from all the drugs.
Never feels...

I recollect the memories, remembering what used to be.
I mournfully long for the past, my pain is indescribable.
I wish she was still here.

Drowned in darkness.
Darkness faded to light.
The pain is gone.
I'm with her again.

a life undone. (SOO BORED)
My bloody wounds aren't healing.
I've been through so much.
You've cut me open, there's no more feeling.
Numb to pain and sense of touch.

You made me love you, then pushed me away.
How can you do this over again?
No more second chances, it's ending today.
Happily ever after, no more pain.

I wish it could be so simple, I know it's not.
Happy endings-there are no such things.
Living a lie is harder than I thought.
The life I lost, and the pain it brings.

It's all gone, done, overwith.
I have the scars to prove it.
Everything is dead, nothing to show.
A life undone, no hope for tomorrow.

hey girl hey XD
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hey girl hey XD
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