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Story of My Life
OC Reference Sheets
Name: Lexi
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"

Hair: Originally black, but dyed dark blue; some black roots growing out; parted on the left; a single braid on the left side
Face: Beauty mark under right eye; usually wears makeup
Eyes: Brown
Ears: At most, three piercings on each ear
Bust: C-cup; barcode tattooed on left breast
Build: Toned body; somewhat lighter skin; tattoo on left leg

General: Seductive; flirtatious; playful; social; she cares very much about the way she looks, and sometimes complains about gaining weight
On the job: As a hitman, she takes her job very seriously, but she's always the one to joke around when she's with her partner or talking to her boss.
With Drake: She loves making him jealous by flirting with other men, but underneath all the flirtatiousness, she's very loyal to him and would do anything for him. She begins with true romantic feelings for him, but later realizes the hopelessness and moves on.
With Nick: She adores his boyish looks and always enjoys embarrassing him by flirting. Usually, she views him as a younger brother and doesn't seriously consider him a bachelor, but she gradually discovers his maturity and warms to him.

Enjoys: Socializing; shopping; dancing; swimming; watching movies
Dislikes: Being idle; cooking; waiting
General: When she's not on the job, she's usually seen out and about, trying to find ways to entertain herself outside of her house. Whether it be shopping, dancing, or drinking, she's always with a group of people--usually consisting of attractive young men who've been caught in her net. If she's restricted to her home with no one to distract her, she'll pop in a few action or comedy films to pass the time.

Hitman Apparel:
Necessary: .9mm gun and holster on her right leg; belt of rifle ammo; leather gloves with studded knuckles; tight suit
Reference: Usually something like this.


Name: Drake
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"

Hair: Very dark brown; a little longer than buzz cut; slight sideburns
Face: Scar running over right eyebrow; Vandyke goatee
Eyes: Dark brown; narrow
Ears: At most, two piercings on left ear, and one on right ear
Build: Lightly chiseled body; somewhat tanned; tattoo on left arm

General: Serious; quiet; cool-headed; careful; mindful of not showing emotions, especially those exposing weaknesses
On the job: As a hitman, he takes his job very seriously, and he always keeps a level head when handling difficult situations. Always one to ruin the fun, he rarely takes the time relax or joke around, and he finds it extremely irritating when his partner refuses to take things seriously.
With Lexi: Despite generally keeping his emotions bottled up, he will sometimes expose himself to Lexi, especially when she becomes persistent in reading his mind. He tries to act indifferent toward Lexi's advances, but he secretly enjoys the attention she gives him. However, his heart is still set on someone else, so he typically pushes her away.
With Nick: Although outwardly irritated that Lexi's sexual attention is often on Nick, Drake is secretively caring of him and views him as a younger brother. He respects Nick for his high position at such a young age.

Enjoys: Peace and quiet; reading; training; jogging; playing the guitar
Dislikes: Social gatherings; wasting time; loud music; obnoxious people; unnecessary questions
General: Whenever there's any free time, he'll either be at home, at the gym, or at the library, passing the time with some of his favorite pastimes. On the few occasions where he'll actually join some kind of group, he's only interested in gathering information or--he must admit--spending time with Lexi. He's usually seen smoking a cigarette.

Hitman Apparel:
Necessary: Silver Dragon in the holster on his belt; a pair of katanas strapped to his back; black leather gloves; black combat boots; dark outfit
Reference: Usually something like this.


Name: Nicholas "Nick" Cooper
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 5'8"

Hair: Reddish brown; short; wavy
Face: Boyish features; barcode tattoo under right eye
Eyes: Turquoise
Ears: At most two piercings; one on each ear, and right ear is gauged
Build: Lightly toned; slim

General: Soft voice; quiet; joking attitude; popular for his mysterious attitude; mild-mannered; happy
On the job: Unlike Lexi and Drake, Nick is the facilitator in their division. He is the connection between the hitmen and the top. Because of this, he acts like a common person on the job so as to not gain attention as he delivers messages.
With Lexi: Often sees her as a fun outing companion outside of work, and is impressed by her ability to work her way into everyone's good graces. Sometimes he seeks her help with personal problems, where he treats her as a sort of older sister. But at the end of the day, he doesn't deny that he has romantic feelings for her.
With Drake: Respects him as a senior and older brother and sometimes enjoys his quiet company.

Enjoys: Being with friends; playing/listening to music; painting
Dislikes: Socializing with strangers; crowded places; people looking down on him
General: For the most part, Nick is quiet and spends a lot of time alone. However, he always enjoys joking around and passing time with Lexi and Drake. Others like him for his boyish good looks and mysterious demeanor, but if made angry, his face turns dark, and no one dares to approach him.

Typical: Because he made the mistake of getting a tattoo on his cheek, he often wears sunglasses in an attempt to cover them up. His style is somewhat preppy and consists of khakis, plaid shirts, solid collared shirts, flip-flops, sneakers, and jackets.
Reference: Usually something like this

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