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My Extremely Magical Journal of Doom and Posting
I post whatever the hell i feel like posting.
Shadow' Requiem Part One (a story I'm working on)
I was out of breath, my ribs were on fire, regardless, I kept running for the lift.

Ava was already on the lift. "Kai!!! Hurry it's right behind you!!" she sobbed. I knew

this was a bad situation, Ava was always so distant, hiding her emotions. I was a few

yards from the lift gates when i felt a searing hot pain from my left shoulder to my

waist. " SHUT THE GATE" I hollered "But-" Ava began to protest "SHUT THE HELL UP

AND DO IT" I demanded. She pushed a button in the lift and the gates slowly began

to move towards each other. Just like I'd thought (hoped) the doors were rust eaten,

and the doors were taking longer then they should to close. I used my last bit of energy.

and bolted towards the doors and dove into the lift. I spun around and forced the doors shut

and pulled the lever to rise the lift. The old, scarcely used, rusty gears slowly creaked to life.

It was then that i saw what was chasing us. It had the shape of a human, but it was naked,

it had no male or female body parts and no face. Where it's arms and legs should have been,

there were large masses of flesh colored tendrils. It lifted its arms and the tendrils

extended and snaked through the gaps in the gate. At that moment the lift shot up, the ends

of the tendrils were cut off. Ava screamed and I jumped. The tendrils shrunk and blackened as

if they were in a fire. Faster then I thought, the lift slowed to a halt. Rather then the gate opening,

the wall behind us opened. We both turned around and gasped. The door opened to someplace outdoors

instead of in the chapel (?how did I know that?) The light was a sickly red color there was no sun or moon

overhead. Outside, as far as the eye could see, death and destruction, pestilence and war. A tower miles

away seemed to be the source of all of it, even this far away I could feel evil radiating from it. I shut my eyes

as tight as I could. When i opened them, I was standing on the tower. Somehow, I knew this was all my doing.

The death, the war, I was to blame for all of it. I snapped my eyes shut.

When I opened them again, I was awake, lying in my bed covered in sweat.

XxBloodstain HurricanexX
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XxBloodstain HurricanexX
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