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title is exlpanation enough......I have a crazy mind.....
I've been talking with Scar-wolf or whatever his name is and he mentioned he was having problems with a story line he was trying to create.I offered to help and did so. Not much as far as I can tell, but w/e. He told me to create a character because he wanted to put me in it. I did so.
I don't draw a lot, and I'm certainly not the best at it. My artwork isn't bad, but it's not usually incredible either. I also usually don't show people what I draw, usually because I'm a good enough critic of my own work, and for art I only need my opinion on it since I don't plan on going anywhere with it.
Prior to all this, i had never had an account on Deviantart, nor did I want one. In order to show the picture to Scar-wolf, I signed up. I scanned my completed picture, which I admit freely may have been rushed because I was eager to see what he would say on it. It was in the scanner crooked or something, and was then cropped wierd though. So the pic on deviantart looks crooked and is all the way in one corner. Not a big deal though. Or at least I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong.
So Scar-wolf sees the picture. And his comment on it 'srry but it sucks'.
Let's review: he asked me to draw it. It was for his story I drew it. I signed up onto a site that I didn't even want to part of, just so he could see it, went out of my comfort zone so he could see it, and he has thenerve to tell me it sucks? Not even anything that's wrong with it, just that it sucks. If he'd told me what was wrong with it or what he didn't like, maybe I wouldn't be so pissed. But he didn't. He simply said, it sucks. And you know what? for someone who isn't even comfortable sharing their work with others, that doesn't help much. He's lucky I don't know him outside of gaia, otherwise I'd be calling him and doing this rant to his face. And I'm scary when i'm pissed. Ask the kids I babysit.

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