People ask me how my name came to be... WELL!!!

First of all, my name was first of all johnbond103 due to my name and yahoo name.

With that account, I used to be a person who wore tuxedos and played guitar. That account probably lasted for 2 to 3 months. After that, I wanted to change my name, since a lot of people in rallies questioned why I was named that, and thought I was stupid not knowing it was JAMES bond, and that was not that case. MY NAME IS JOHN, wow rally people.

Then I started talking with my friend about it, and I decided that I wanted to base my avi on racing. So I named my account Osaka Racer, as in a person who races in Osaka, Japan. Well as I used that account, I met this girl when I was on a mule named Osaka Cutie, and she was angelic. She seemed bored, so I stopped to talk to her. I said "HEY, my main account has OSAKA IN IT TOO! Hold on, lemme show you!" So she said, "Really... okay!" So I switched and logged into the Osaka Racer account. I showed her and she laughed. We then became friends, then became brother and sister. From that, we accidently stumbled upon people that were dressed as animals. We would then pet them kindly, and made them our pets. The only one I can remember is a wolf named Bacon, because we fed him bacon. I started liking the idea of how Osaka Cutie was dressing, and so I decided, "HEY, I want to be an angel now, lets see how it works!"


I started buying and wearing white clothes and became an angel with my sister. Petting our cute little pets that we fed and petted.

***One day I was bored, and was stumbling upon different rallies, I blindly clicked one, and would you have known, that it was an SE Rally. It ACTUALLy was a rally not full of the common noobs. Then a friendly figure came up to me and asked if I would want to join the SE, and explained it to me very clearly. Eagerly, I accepted and asked how do I join?

This was a start of a fighting angel avi.

I started to look for swords on marketplace. Made friends with new people. HAD SO MUCH fun in Squad 3. Lots of joy, inside jokes created, trust being made.
There you go, that is how Osaka came to be, check out the change in the Osaka names!

Johnbond103 to Osakaracer to Osaka O-Sake to Osaka Kaicho to Osaka Angel