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Dang it's been a while o.o
So, I totally didn't abandon this site and forget anything about it and I did not forget that my last journal here was in 2016 with a teaser for the book I finished writing last year that I'm in the process of editing and revision and rewriting to attempt and get published this year or early next year. >.>

And I totally did not get married in November 2017.

Life's been crazy.

So yeah, I got married, we got another cat right before that, we lost one of the dogs about a year ago or a little more, and I'm working on getting a book out into the real world. I'll be extremely elated when I do because it's been a major goal of mine for some time.

And yes, I did forget about Gaia. Only I really didn't because I have the app on my phone but it's not the greatest thing in the world and I feel like the mobile web version might be a little better for other things so we'll see if I give that a try or not. I don't know yet.

I blog regularly here and you can keep up with my work on DeviantArt and Wattpad. Things are already up on dA, but Wattpad is getting the same material (fiction wise) uploaded new. There's very little of my poetry on Wattpad at the moment.

Last year I entered a semi-local writing contest and placed 3rd for poetry, this year I placed 2nd. Last year the person who got 1st was a friend of mine and coworker and two of the pieces he entered tied for first. This year the person who got first also got 3rd so I feel like I'm sandwiched by her. There are friends and coworkers who are saying next year I'll get first. I don't even know if I'll be entering next year. You never know what a year will bring.

I apologize. I'm probably trying to fit a LOT into what should be a rather small post so I'm VERY likely getting rambly here. I tend to ramble. A lot... I still can't believe how long I've had my Gaia account. This is the only one I've ever had and I've seen the site through so many changes it's baffling. I miss the old Gaia some days. Heck, I just miss the past most days. Back when things were easy...

Wish me luck on the publishing adventure!

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