When i think of what we had nothing seems to fade i remember it like we never gave it up.

When you held my hand i felt like nothing could tear us appeart

When you hugged me i felt like nothing could touch me. I was safe.

When you kissed me the world blurred and i could only remember you.

When you said 'I love you' I thought i could get through anything as long as you loved me.

And as i now look back on this i relised you might not of ment any bit of it.

And with all my time i wasted caught in your trap, like an old toy i was thrown away and you didnt care.

And when i look back, I laugh at how stupid i was.

And how love is never true, things can always break it apart.

And No matter how hard you try to run away it always comes back to get you.

As you look at other girls I laugh.

As you pick them up like you did with me.

As you drop them.

I pick them back up.

I raise an army.

I take an action.

I get over you.