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today was alright.i mean nothing excited happened.i woke up,did what i had to.tests,and homework......

imma write a story:

werewolves,and the world

Werewolves don't get along too well with humans.I know because i know.You are a human,maybe,whoevers reading this.Deny me if you want,but im sure youre not a werewolf.My name is Voletericia bolatecias the first and will have many more...My world is way different than the yours.In the world i live in,theres alot of hatred.Or maybe,your world has alot more?I don't know....Many say im indecisive because i always can't make up my mind...My house has 18 rooms,7 staircases,and 13 bathrooms.My coat is slick and beautiful,my coat is blonde,red,black,and white.Very unusual my mother used to say,and it was.All my friends would say"Oh my god!I want my fur like yours.I mean,it could get ALL the guys here at our school.Even Getarusal Gaventy!Oh my god.He's so hot,and you need a guy like that!"I wouldn't listen to them.The only real friends i had were Abbygail flirt,"mokey",rose marie,chasade,and that was it.They only were my friends because they weren't always talking about guys and all that girly stuff.I know i kept on saying "was" or "would".It's because something terrible happenned to them.*cries for a sec*they were tooken by humans.(just so you know,this chapter is what she wrote in her juornal.)They were tooken and never brought back.So,war broke out.Every mammal attacked the humans,but that didnt work.the humans had technology so great that we never had a chance.Thats when,i ran away.I ran so far away from home that i didnt know how to come back.I called this place the vacant lot.this house was the one I described in the first part,18rooms,13 bathrooms,and seven staircases.It was a beautiful site.It had a marvelous yellow theme.O my god.If you saw it.well,for the yellow colors.The windows were lime green,the whats it called,uh,curtains,i guess,were blue.TO BE CONTINUED SHORTLY!!!

The T O X I C papercut
Community Member
i dunno
the Anger fills,
the lovs suddenly spills.
rage within developes Revenge,
makes her feel she must avenge.
she listens to them talk,
and hears her love begin to walk,
away from the girl.
if she saw them talk,she would've began to hurl.

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