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My Blog About anime's, books and stories. All I've previously saw, read and wrote.

Red Miko
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Know How With Hurting Someone
In every life, you come across a certain person that annoys you. This person can be your friend or your enemy...even both maybe. You want to speak your mind but you're afraid that it'll hurt their feelings.

You remain solitude. A loner. Two different people inside.

I try to be who I want to be but people only try to copy that. Reason I keep to myself.

They can become so close that it hurts but then they leave. Into a world better than mine. It's always that way...right?

Good things always come to an end don't they? Like...life but it's not always good is it? Not how things in the world are going now.

You cry. You beg. You make mistakes and it never solves anything.

Cutting yourself doesn't make you happy.
Arguing with your parents doesn't solve it.

The only thing that makes you feel mellow...is your talent. Writing. In a quiet a place.

In your mind it may be quiet but all around you is chaos. You're so into your own world that you (for once) become happy. Content.

Then it's ruined by the outside world. People. They criticize you. Even though they are everything you aren't.

They are more beautiful

They have talent

They have the A + grades

They have the money

Then...there's me. I never think much of myself...I'm not a self-centered person. I'm not spoiled. I just want to be left alone sometimes.

Alone. That should be my middle name but then someone would steal that as well.

You can't claim a word huh? What if I made it up...they'd only come up with something better. Does it matter? No.

They're all the same. Act the same. Think the same. I should only laugh and not fight. Just laugh...but they'd only think of you as crazy and stupid.

They don't see what I'm trying to do for them. They don't care. Should I?

Should I care that they have the better life?


Knowing how.

Know how to get through life. It's a difficult task...but worth the try.

The sky is pale blue when you wake...and pale red when you're awake. Like my name. Red. So many meanings...and I wish to claim them forever.

No one can figure me out and I will never let them.


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