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madison sexi beast entries :)

ok so i was bored one day and decided to make up a really scary story and it goes....

Man on floor 13
There once was a man and he lived in a crazy town called timberbrook. He lived there with his wife and two kids. On september 8, 1921 his wife became very very ill. She had been ill for 5 years and now her time has come. On september 8, 1921 the same day he became ill is the day she passed. Soon after her passing her husband Tim Brochette became crazy and mentally ill. He was so mentally ill that he killed his newborn baby Trinity. Their oldest daughters name is nichole. Nicole had seen what happend and call the cops. He was sent to a mental hospital, and there he stayed for several months. Finally they thought he was a normal person again but soon they will learn they where wrong.

Nichole here, its january 12 , 1926 and im at the hospital here where my father is kept. Nichole presses the 13 floor button on the elevator. DINGGGG she has reached the 13 floor to see her father. The doors open and what she saw amazed her. There was no one there and it was desserted. so she stepped out of the elavatr and the doors closed and went back down. She started walking slowly down the hall. lights hanging and lights flickering gave the hall and eery feeing. Soone she reached room 212 and the door was wide open. "father she called" no answere so she stepped out and looked behind her and there was her father. Floating abover her blood driping from his mouth. He stared down at her with an evil glance. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed and the scream just faded and faded. Nichole was never see again. Its now june 24, 1930. Theres a news report that they found the remains of a 12 year old girl. Could this be Nichole. I guess we will never now. THE END

i swear peoplei made this up i didnt steel it for some of you that think i did.

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  • [10/16/08 02:51am]
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