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My Fiction Story.....

Community Member
When my Grandpa said Cendol!!
Hi there thanks for come for my 3rd journal!!
This story is a real-life situation which contain Comedy and Stupidity...
All the characters are from my Family beside the worker..... >.<
Hehehehe... I believe you will love this one!!! blaugh
When my granpa said “Cendol”

In 19xx, there is a big family which is so peaceful from outside and inside. Grandma who was pregnant feel so relax because all the household duty did by her children. My mom, Elevyn Sirait, the eldest daughter did the cook and laundry. My uncle, Ronaldo Sirait, the second child as the eldest son helped my mom and my aunt, Tatik Sirait, the third child as the second daughter. The last one is Grandpa who loved to do the farm and clean his old car.

As we know, when the pregnant woman wanted something, the husband need to satified her. So, Granny wanted to eat Cendol and ask Grandpa to buy it. Cendol is a malay food that mix between kolang kaling and coconut milk. Grandpa accepted her request and ask Ronald to go together with him. Of course Ronald agreed it because he didn’t want to do his duty and Evelyn and Tatik can’t complain it. Well, you see, they are affraid of Grandpa because when he got angry, he can become a demon!!

Ronald who didn’t know what they want to buy just follow what Grandpa said and straight away to go their destination by Grandpa’s old car. Ten minutes pass, they stopped in front of a nice shop and they went to that store. Grandpa begin the conversation,
“Excuse me, one Céndól, please” order him proudly.

“Oh okay, wait a minute” the worker begin search the thing that Granpa want and show to my Granpa “Here you go.”

“No, i don’t need this one. I need Céndól” he made sure the worker what he want.

“Oh i see, here you go” the worker give Granpa pan-frying with brand Sendol.

“No! Didn’t you hear me! I said Céndól!” Grandpa begin to irritated mad .

“Oh sorry. I think i still have them. You want 1 box, right? Ok. Here you go” the worker show the product to Grandpa and the product is SPOON!? (in indonesia language is SENDOK... you know what i mean, right?)

“NO! Why would i need them! We still have many of them at home! I just want Céndól! You know Céndól!” Grandpa get more irritated stressed . Ronald who just she them argue and didn’t know what’s going on.

“Dad, actually what you want?” ask Ronald so curious.

“Céndól, you know Céndól, right?” answer Grandpa.

“Haaa??? Céndól? What is this Céndól anyway?” ask Ronald more curious.

“What?! You don’t it!? You are so stupid! How could you don’t know! You even ever tried it before!” answer Grandpa get more and more irritated.

“Haaa...??? Have i tried before? How could i don’t know? Beside, what with that embrassing name?” he said in his heart. Ronald began to thinking so hard to remember it. The worker also thought about what actually Grandpa want and he thought something then get the item.

“I see! So this is what you want! I know this old item that only we have this kind of item. You know our family made this item and we gave Cendor as the brand name. Woow you are really something Sir that you know our brand! How about this i give you Free for this product!” the worker bring molecajete y tejolote to Grandpa happily. Molecajete y tejolote is a small–curve grinding that use to grin the any small seasoning and make even better seasoning for cook.

“NO!!!! Are you stupid or what?!! How could I know the brand if there is no launch in any newspaper! UWAAA! I just need CÉNDÓL!” Grandpa can’ stand it anymore scream .

“Uwaaa… please don’t get angry, Dad. I still can’t remember it although how many times I push to remember. A-Anyway, could you write it down, Dad?” ask Ronald nervous because he was also afraid if he was angry. The worker helps Ronald to prepare a paper and pen.

“You two were so hopeless” said Grandpa and began to write it on the paper and gave it to them. Ronald and the worker read it and it wrote “CENDOL”. Two of them who read it just stare at Grandpa.

“What?! Now you know what I want!” he said proudly. Ronald who knew the truth began to walk to the car with weird face. He actually held his laugh in that store and when he was in car, he couldn’t hold it anymore then laugh with loud laugh. Well outside can’t hear it…

The worker who also knew the truth either, said “Sorry sir, do you know what store is this? This is Kitchen Ware store, Sir. If you want to buy Cendol, you need to food store” he explained it with good manner.

“....." sudden silent neutral "Yeah, I know. I’m just wondering if you have it and don’t you think the way I said it is so cool” answer Grandpa with his big smile.

“Hahahahaha... sweatdrop Yeah it’s cool…” respond with sweat “But sir, we are so sorry we don’t have what you wanted”

“Oh I see… you need to answer it soon. Alright, I will go then” Grandpa left the store with his big smile (even my self don’t know why… sweatdrop ). He walked to the car and Ronald needs to pertain like not laugh because if Grandpa found it out, he will eat Ronald!

Grandpa began to power up his old car and drove away to go to the next place. Ronald wondered something and asked Grandpa, “Dad, why did you call Cendol, Céndól?”

“Don’t you think the answer is the only one? It because I can looks Cool when I said that! Hahahaha! Don’t you think so too! But that is really surprise me! Because that store actually sell Kitchen Ware. I though they will sell Céndól cause they are store name is Kendor” answer Grandpa so happy. Ronald just stared at him with space out face.

Now they arrived in the other store and this is the right store that sells the thing he wanted. After get the thing they straight to go home however when Grandpa want to give Céndól to my Granny, Granny already slept and couldn’t eat the Céndól straight away.

The end
Guys i hope you know what i mean...
If there is a question just ask me okay!! Don't forget R&R,too talk2hand
And I hope you give more question for me…. biggrin
So enjoy and thanks for reading this…. 3nodding

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