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Clear Quartz Bio
-I've elected to put some of my gem/other OC bios in my journal for easy accessibility. So here.

Name: Clear Quartz
Gem type: Quartz soldier
Pronoun: He/him
Allegiance: Rose Quartz's rebellion
Weapon: Spiked flail, which he can augment the size of at will. (However, the bigger it is, the slower and more cumbersome, so he normally only uses it when fused)
Personality: Despite his appearance being unnerving to some, Clear is actually very friendly and easy to get along with. He loves meeting new gems and new humans alike, and despite being self-conscious about his chipped gem, he isn't one to shy away from others.
History: Once a Pink Diamond soldier, he and his best friend Obsidian (bio later) were put in a squadron of other gems where he acted as the muscle. He was hit directly in the side of his gem in battle and poofed, which resulted in his gem breaking and he and Obsidian getting captured by Rose's soldiers. Obsidian pleaded for help for his friend, and feeling bad, Rose healed Clear as best as her tears were capable. In gratitude, the two supplied Homeworld intel and changed sides. Like most gems, "he" was once a "she"; he changed his pronoun to further separate himself from Homeworld's ideals.
Abilities: Basic gem abilities- Due to being chipped, Clear's basic gem abilities such as fusion and shapeshifting are limited. His fusions normally have a time limit before they simply fall apart, and the most shapeshifting he can do is changing his outfit. He cannot bubble however.
Essence Sight- Clear can focus his eyes onto a sentient creature and be able to "see" into them and tell what their personalities and intentions are. Doing so hurts him, so he only uses it when he feels it's needed.
Essence Drain- Through a touch, Clear can drain negative emotions out of an ally. He only does it when really necessary as too much negativity has a chance of poofing him.
Strength- He retained some of his quartz strength after being chipped. He can pick up a bigger gem or rock bigger than himself with little difficulty.
Relationships: -Rose Quartz; Clear feels indebted to her because of how she fixed him during the war, and follows her ideals to a T. He isn't aware she isn't around anymore.
-Obsidian; Clear is very close with Obsidian and addresses him as his brother. The two are together often, but also separate a lot to go their own ways, and eventually find eachother again. The two create a platonic love fusion named Smoky Quartz.
Current Occupation: Wanderer; he travels Earth trying to find uncorrupted war survivors and to capture corrupted gems.
Fun Facts: -When questioned about his voice, he normally tells humans that he used to be a smoker because it's easier than explaining that his gem can't hold a better form/voice, that he was broken in a war, ect.
-He really likes Pearls and is terrible at hiding it. (I am open to the idea of shipping him!)
-Clear is based on a piece of clear quartz I own IRL named Jay, and I use for metaphysical purposes. Clear's abilities are based on what I use Jay for.


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(Left is Clear, right is Jay)

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