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Part 1 of chapter 1
Things are really weird when i copied it all on here, but whatever

Running. The breath coming out of my mouth in puffs of white cloud. Rain plastered my hair against my head and made the ground slick. Cold air stings my lungs. Voices, shouting, my name?

* * *
“Open the doors now!” Police wheel in a girl with long blond hair on a gurney.
“Clear the room! We have limited time, she might not make it!”

* * *

Sharp pain in my lower left leg. I fall, gravel scrapes my arm. A man stands above me, pointing something down at me. A gun. He gives me a wicked smile, his scraggly beard around his mouth and chin whipping around in the wind. Do I know him? He mouthed words, but I can’t hear anything.

* * *

“Get me the defibrillator quick! We are losing her!” Doctors in white scrubs with masks over their mouths buzz around the operation room in panic.

* * *

There was rumbling, the ledge we were on started to shake. Then another figure tackled the man above me and they disappeared from my view. Water dripped down my face, I blinked my eyes to clear them away. What’s happening?

* * *

The nurse pressed the defibrillator to the girl’s chest as she went into spasms, electricity coursing through her body. Another nurse stood at the girl’s head and sopped up blood from her forehead, then wrapped it up in gauze. The girl laying on the surgical table screamed, her eyes flying open then squeezing shut as she lapsed into a coma

* * *

I heard shouts again, and the ground beneath me starts breaking away. The feeling of weightlessness takes over as I open my mouth to scream, but my body smacks into the half submerged rocks below me. The wind is knocked out of me and I couldn’t breathe. My vision fades, everything goes black. Am I dead now?

I opened my eyes, sitting up. I winced, my leg hurt. Looking around, the room was completely white. There was a window on the wall to my right, a woman with blond curly hair sat in a chair next to it, making soft weeping noises. Her clothes were wrinkled, like she hadn’t changed in a while. To my left a big curtain was drawn closed. I could hear whispering from behind it.

Where am I?

The woman beside the window looked up when I moved and gasped.

“Emily!?” she ran over to my side and touched my cheek but I flinched away.

“W-Who are you?” My voice was horse, and I lifted my hand to my throat.

Two men in white scrubs walked out from behind the curtain. They smiled at me

“It’s good to see you’re awake Emily” one said. “That sure was a nasty fall!”

“Is she ok!? She is going to be ok right!?” The woman’s eyes started to water as she stood up, looking at the two men. They looked between each other and sighed.

“Mrs Thortan, can we talk to you in private please?” the ushered the woman they called Mrs. Thortan to the other side of the curtain. Mrs. Thortan glanced down at me and I averted my eyes. She hiccupped, then shuffled out of the room. I heard a door open, and close.

I laid back down and stared at the ceiling. Raising my arm up, I spread my fingers out and looked at my hand. There were scratches and big bruises on my arm.

“What happened?” I murmured.

PLINK! I jumped, startled, and stared at the window.

PLINK! A small rock smacked into the window. Curiously, I got up from the bed and stood up.

The linoleum floor was cold against my bare feet and I put most of my body weight onto my right leg. Adjusting the surgical gown I was wearing, I limped to the window and looked out.

Rain pattered against the windowpane. I could see the ocean spray crash up against a rocky outlook. Why would a hospital be so close to an ocean? I pressed my forehead against the glass to get a better look at the ground below me. It was covered with big rocks, little rocks, medium rocks, all shapes and sizes. A couple big boulders littered the ground in various places.

PLINK! I cried out in surprise as another rock hit the window right in front of my face. Stumbling backwards, I fell down and winced as my leg twisted to the side. The window opened and rain started to fall inside the room. A boy about my age climbed into the window, but with some difficulty. He had messy black hair with piercing green eyes. He had a black t-shirt that had a darker stain in the right shoulder with a small hole. A bullet wound. He had a utility belt over his dark pants, with an assortment of pockets and bags attached onto it.

He grunted, putting his hand over his shoulder. “Sorry bout’ giving you a scare like that.” He gave me a sly smile then ran his fingers through his hair. “Are you feeling better? I want to get out of here before the doctors get back…” He glanced at the door.

“W-Who are you!?” I stuttered

He started down at me with a confused look on his face.“You mean you don’t remember me?” He swung his legs off the windowsill and started walking towards me. I quickly crawled away and tried to climb up the side of the bed without putting too much pressure on my left leg.

“Tell me who you are!” I gasped as I lost my grip and fell back onto the floor.

“You gotta be kidding me…” He muttered, grabbing my arm pulling me up to my feet. “Get your filthy hands off me!” I squeaked and wiggled around. Footsteps outside the door and voices followed.

“I assure you Mrs. Thortan, Emily will be fine. We just need to keep her here for another week or two to make sure she doesn’t have any other brain damages. But it would be helpful if you were to bring in some pictures or items from her past that might jog her memory.” I heard Mrs. Thortan sniff “I guess so…”

The boy still held onto my arm and his eyes grew wide. “You mean…” He looked at me as I drew in a big breath to scream and he quickly covered my
mouth. He started dragging me quickly to the window and I struggled in his grip.

The two doctors and Mrs. Thortan stepped out from behind the curtain. Mrs. Thortan screamed and the doctors started yelling and ran towards me and the boy.

“Drop her right now! I thought the police had caught you young man!” one said

The boy hissed then dropped me to the floor, turned around and jumped out the window.

“And don’t come back! We will be sure to call the police on you!” The doctor nearest to me pulled me to my feet. “Don’t worry Emily, we will make sure that scum never comes back you hear me? Your safe here, he won’t ever try and murder you again.”

My blood ran ice cold when he said ‘murder’. “Um, who are you? And what do you mean by…murder?” Mrs. Thortan ran over and hugged me tightly. “Thank God your ok!” I shifted around uncomfortably.

“Mrs Thortan, can you please refrain from smothering your daughter just yet? I think we should explain things to her.” The doctor peeled her off of me and offered me his hand. “I am Dr. Samuels and this is my associate, Dr. Raymonds. Right now you are in Marlonds Hospital, the police in this town found you unconscious by the shoreline, whatever in the world were you doing there?” Dr. Samuels chuckled and led me to the bedside and helped me into it.

Mrs. Thortan sat at the end of my bed and bunched up some blankets and situated my foot on top of it. “You are my daughter, Emily Elizibeth Thortan. You disappeared almost a month ago, you were kidnapped by that boy.” She sniffed. Dr. Raymonds took a glass of water off the table next to my bed and handed it to Mrs. Thortan.

“Here, water stops the flow of water.” Mrs. Thortan nodded and drank it.

“Down by the shoreline where you fell, police not only found you, but found
the boy that was just here, Aven, and another man. The other man was…dead. Aven killed that other man, and was going to kill you before the ledge collapsed. When the police showed up, Aven fled. If the police hadn’t shown up when they did, you would have died. They also suspect, it was Aven who had kidnapped you in the first place.” Dr. Samuels looked up as someone knocked at the door. “Entre”

The door opened and the curtain was pulled aside. Two police officers walked in with stony faces.

“I’m Officer Marx and this is Tim. The secretary said the lady was awake and we need to ask Miss Emily some questions about what happened.” Officer Marx walked over to the bed and stood firmly. I shifted uncomfortably in my bed and pulled the blanket up to my chest.

“I’m sorry officers, I don’t think she will be of any help, she lost her memory in the fall. She doesn’t remember anything.” Dr. Samuels got up and shook Officer Marx’s hand, then Officer Tim’s.

Marx scowled. “Well that’s not good! We could have cleared up the case right away!” He walked over to the window and looked out it, his shiny black boots squeaking on the linoleum floor.

“Did you happen to capture Aven on your way here? He broke in trying to kidnap Emily again…” Dr. Samuels glanced nervously at the window. Mrs. Thortan started shaking again and her bottom lip trembled. Dr. Raymonds put his hand on her shoulder

“I think it’s about time you went home Mrs. Thortan, It’s getting late and looks like the weather is getting worse. You should get home before it becomes too dangerous.” Officer Tim walked over.

“Dr. Raymonds is right, it will be dangerous to try and go home this late. I will be glad to take you home.” Mrs. Thortan blushed and looked at me.

“But what about Emily? I’m not going to leave my baby girl all alone…” Mrs. Thortan got up and kissed my forehead, running her fingers through my hair.

“There will be police officers patrolling the area and with this flat terrain there is no way we won’t be able to spot anyone.” Officer Marx replied curtly. He walked from the window and over to my side, peering down at my face, and traced his finger softly on the gauze wrapped around my head. “It’s a wonder why anyone would want to harm such a pretty face…”

“Please don’t touch the gauze, you will get it dirty.” Dr. Samuels replied quickly, looking sternly at him. I sank down into the bed and pulled the covers over my head squeezing my eyes shut. “Look, she is really tired and needs some rest, leave her be, we all should leave the room now.”

I heard the footsteps and grumbling of the officers as they all traipsed out of the room, the door quietly shutting behind them. I waited a few more moments and then pulled the covers off my head. Adjusting the sheets, I laid on my side and stared out the window. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled through the sky. I started to shiver and pulled the covers closer up to my chin.

The movement of someone in my room woke me up. I blinked my eyes until they adjusted in the light and looked over my shoulder. It was a nurse that had come in to straighten up.

“Oh! I’m sorry! Did I wake you?” She put down a tray of food on the table next to my bed. I shook my head and sat up, putting my hand on my head. “I’m nurse Mandy. Ooooohhhh should I change that? It looked like the blood has started to soak through again…” She reached for my bandage and I cowered away from her. She faltered, looking a little puzzled. “Um…I’m not going to hurt you…” She reached for me again and carefully unwrapped the gauze and threw it away. Walking out of the room, I reached my hand up and felt the stitches on a big gash across my forehead.

“Here we go!” she walked back in and wrapped my head back up. “Need anything else just give me a call!” She smiled warmly then left the room again. I pulled my knees up to my chin and closed my eyes. Can I really remember nothing? The smell of sausage and pancakes drifted under my nose and my stomach growled.

I reached over and pulled the tray onto my lap picking up the fork and cutting up the pancakes. “Mmmnnn,” The pancakes were light and fluffy, and I savored the taste of it. Finishing the pancakes I nibbled the sausage and looked around the room. On the chair where my mom was sitting last night was a neatly folded pile of clothes with a white card on top.

Setting the tray aside, I got off the bed and limped over to the chair and picked up the card;

My Dearest Emily,
I came to visit as soon as I could, but the secretary wouldn’t let me in because you were still sleeping.
Here are some of your clothes, I thought you wouldn’t want to wear those awful hospital clothes anymore!
I got permission to take you out later today to see your old friends,
Can’t wait to see you soon!
Love you lots!

I placed the card down on the windowsill and picked up the clothes. It looked like a school uniform, a short plaid skirt with a black tank top that has a long sleeved white shirt to go underneath. Under the chair was a pair of shoes, black loafers. There was also a pair of long black socks.

Taking the pile of clothes in my hand, I shuffled over to the bathroom door and went inside to change. Looking in the mirror, my brown eyes stared back at me. My hair was a tangled mess, and it looked like I had slept in the forest. I need to take a shower…

Leaving the clothes in the bathroom, I went to the door of my room and peeked out the side of it. I was in a long hallway, doors along the walls. Landscape pictures filled the empty spaces on the walls and showed of far off places that may not even exist.

Nurse Mandy was closing the door behind her from checking on another patient.

“U-Um excuse me…” I said, still hanging halfway out of the door. The nurse turned around and brightened up when she saw me.

“Oh! Do you need anything?” her dark brown hair was pinned up in a messy bun and it bobbed up and down behind her head as she walked towards me.

I nodded. “Um, where can I take a shower? My mom wanted to take me out to see my friends today…” Mandy’s eye grew wide with excitement.

“Ooh sounds wonderful! Sure sure I will take you to one, but you have to be careful about that gash on your forehead, we don’t want the stitching to fall out and the wound to reopen!” She took my hand and led me down the hallway and pressed the button for the elevator. Walking into it, she hit a button and the elevator starting moving up. Stepping out of the elevator, she walked down another hallway identical to the one where my room is in and opened the door to the first room on the right.

“You can come in here whenever you need to, you seem like you are mobile enough!” she giggled a little bit. The showers looked like those you would see at a public pool, the showerheads were separated by short walls creating stalls with a curtain to cover the curtain.

“It’s a little roomy in here just in case we have to take more injured patients down here. The towels and bottles of soap and hair products are in here,” She turned around and opened a small closet door pulling down two towels and the bath soaps then handed them to me. “There is also a small bench on the wall to place your things, be careful on the leg now and don’t forget to watch your forehead!” Mandy smiled then left the showers.

I went into the nearest stall and put my things on the bench and turned on the showerhead. Hot water soaked my hair as I gladly washed out all the grit and grim from my hair. When I finished I pulled the hospital gown back over my head and combed my fingers through my hair.

Quickly going back to the elevator and walking back to my room and got my clothes and put them on. Looking back in the bathroom mirror I was satisfied with how I looked. I came back out and sat on my bed, swinging my legs back and forth.


A small pebble smacked into my window. My heart started pounding. Did he come back? Did he come back to finish the job? I started to shake. Getting up, I walked to the door and peered out. Nothing was there. Dark gray clouds covered the sky and it was foggy outside. From what I could see, no one was out there. But maybe they were hiding….

“Emily what are you doing near the window!?” I jumped, and turned around to see Mrs. Thortan standing in the doorway. “Your friends are so excited to see you! Come on or we will be late!” she walked over excitedly and took my arm.

She looked nice and refreshed, a white coat over her tank top with jeans and boots. Her curls were less distraught and her makeup was fresh. “Marty was especially happy to hear you were ok,” she looked back at me and winked. “Angela is also going to be there, do those names ring any bells?” I shook my head. They sound like nice people. I wonder if liked Marty before I lost my memory, sounded like he likes me…

Outside the hospital all there was, was a worn road leading in one direction away from Marlonds Hospital. Mrs. Thortan led me to her car, a yellow VW bug. I smiled, it’s such a cute car! I got into the passenger’s side and looked out the window. Marlonds Hospital was a rectangle brick building with windows lined up in neat little rows.

Mrs. Thortan back out of her parking spot and started driving down the road. I stared at the window, watching the line of where land drops off into the sea. I wondered, what happened to me here? I can’t remember anything, besides that flashback from before I fell. Turning from the window, I looked ahead of me. Faintly I could see the outline of a town, tall buildings and the small movements I could see I guessed to be cars.

“I don’t know why they made the hospital so far away from the town, very inconvenient if you ask me. “ Mrs. Thortan opened the window and the wind blew in. It whipped our hair around twisting them in tangles. I started to laugh as I tried to hold my hair down in one place.

A few more minutes later, we drove into the town. All kinds of people walked up and down the sidewalks, some carrying shopping bags others were families with their children running around. I stared out my window at them. I wonder what it would be like if everyone’s past was erased, and no one could remember anything?

Mrs. Thortan pulled into a parking lot of a big shopping mall. Many people were going in and out, skateboarders wheeled by trying not to get caught by the cops. Two kids, a boy and a girl, were sitting on a bench next to the entrance of the mall. The girl jumped up and pointed to our car, looking over her shoulder at the boy. The girl had short brown hair and was wearing a yellow long sleeved t-shirt and jeans with black boots, a gray scarf wrapped around her neck. The boy had a James Bond type hair, with a red t-shirt on with jeans and sneakers on.

“Looks like Angela sure is excited to see you again!” Mrs. Thortan unlocked the car doors. “Have fun and be safe!” She looked at me and smiled.

My eyes grew wide. “Y-You mean I’m going to be by myself?”

“Oh heavens no! You will be Angela and Marty!” Mrs. Thortan frowned then reached across me and opened my door. “Now go on!”

I got out of the car and looked around, carefully walking over to the other side of the road. Mrs. Thortan pulled out of her parking spot and drove off, I stood watching her.

“Emmykins!!” Angela’s shrill voice rang in my ears as she ran up behind me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, hugging me. “I’m so glad to hear your ok! I was worried sick that I might never see you again after you disappeared!!” She released me from her grip and Marty came up behind her smiling.

“Good to have you home Emily.” Marty engulfed me a big bear hug and all I could smell was his cologne.

* * *

It’s raining. Did it always rain here? I was standing on a street corner. The sign next to me said the next bus came at 10, it was 10:10. The bus was late. I shifted my feet uncomfortably and looked around. The lamp post I was under started flickering, and I walked to the bench next to it and set my backpack down. The street was eerily silent and seemed desolate. A park was across the way from me, trees and bushes lined the sidewalk.

Squish! Squish! Squish! Squish!

I turned around cautiously and a person with a navy blue hoodie, jeans and sneakers on approached me from behind, his head lowered to the ground so I couldn’t see his face.

“Get out of there! Get out before he sees you!” A voice hissed from the bushes. I grabbed my bag and quickly got up walked across the street, glancing nervously over my shoulder.

The person sped up to follow me and was getting closer. My heart was pounding, I started to shake.

“Come into the bushes, I’ll hide you!” The voice hissed again as it followed me. I turned to walk into the park but the person behind me broke into a run and slammed me into a tree. I screamed

“Shhhh Emily I’m not going to hurt you.” Marty looked down at me, his hair slicked down on his head. His hands held my wrists in a tight grip against the tree. “You’re not going to run away again are you?” His blue eyes stared into mine.

“Why were you following me?” I glared up at him.

“Your too fragile to be walking around at the time of night, It’s too dangerous. You could get hurt or kidnapped or worse….” His eyes turned soft and worried. More hissing came from the bushes behind him and I sighed to cover it up.

“Don’t worry, I’m not. I just got…restless.” I looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back.

“Then let me walk you home then…” He leaned down and hugged me, and I looked over his shoulder.

Lightning ripped through the sky illuminating a boy standing a few paces away, black t-shirt with cargo shorts, a utility belt around his waist. Aven. He had a wild look in his eye, fists clenched, one holding a dagger. He stood for a few more seconds, shaking in anger. Then he turned and fled, making no sound.

“Come one, lets hurry up and get home before your mom starts to worry.” Marty let go of me and took a hold of my hand, leading me to the sidewalk and walked me home. The sweet smell of his cologne swirled around me as I breathed it in deeply.

* * *

“Emily? Emily? Emmiillyyyyyy?” I blinked and quickly looked around me. Marty and Angela were standing above me.

“You blacked out, what happened?” Marty helped me sit up.

“U-Um nothing, I was just faint I guess…” I laughed nervously. Angela wrapped her arm around my waist and walked me to the door of the mall and walked in. Marty followed beside me, casting worried glances.

“Where should we go first!?” Angela looked into the display windows of stores lining the walkway.

“I don’t know, I don’t remember any of these places…” The mall was slightly dim, the gray clouds blotting out all the sunlight from entering the glass dome.

“Well I heard a new Halloween shop opened up where Sam’s Restaurant used to be, we should go there! Besides, I need a costume for Tammy’s party. Emily, you invited too! She just didn’t know if you would be awake in time to make it.” Angela walked to one of the mall and stood outside the Halloween store. The display window had decorations for your house, like skeletons and fake blood. A few mannequins showed off a slutty bunny costume and another showed Dracula about to suck the blood from a young girl’s neck.

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