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Looking for the right path, trying to find the light. Insanity is all that I have left.

Durning the days Im mentally Insane...but at night Im desperately trying to find whats left of my Sanity.
My RP Character
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Aurelie also has her "Companion" which is part of her being a vampyre or a dunpeal as others call her a half or crossbreed. Her companion asserts herself as another personality and when her companion is in control Aurelie's looks and actions shift and change dramatically. Her companion goes by the name of Sithyera ((Zithyera the S is pronounced with a Z)) Which means Malice in several demonic languages. Arikos; Aurelie's friend and companion also protects Sith not that she needs it though for she has her own animal form as well.

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Malice/Sith's Animal Form

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Bio & Information

Name: Aurelie Celeste Alvar

Age: 25 in Human years and around 152 in Vampyric years

Race: Witch/Vampyre

Occupation: Wanderer

Goddess: Goddess Hecate: Greek Goddess of the Three Paths, guardian of the household, protector of everything newly born, and the Goddess of WitchCraft

Appearance: Average build with curves-hour glass figure, 5’6 with waist-length curly/wavy orange/red hair, with dark sea-green eyes, a window to her emotions which she finds hard to mask. Often found wearing a medieval-style dress with a pentagram pendant necklace always hanging around her neck. But she has her Battle Armor as well that she wears most of the time.

Weapons: Her favorite weapons are her Twin Sais, her Chakram
as well as her magic. She always has her Book Of Shadows with her. It contains spells as well as incantations and healing spells. And many Rituals as well. The black jaguar/tiger cross Airkos that always travels with her can also be considered a weapon. For he will guard Aurelie with his life.

Skills/Abilities: Element Manipulation, being a Witch in all. Being also Vampyre agility is another of her skills, able to keep to the shadows and out of site. Massive amount of strength and speed. Being able to see well at night. ((No the Sun doesn’t turn her to dust it just irritates her a bit. And is highly uncomfortable. Garlic and Crosses doesn’t bother her one bit that goes for holy water as well.))

Personality: Tries to keep to herself though at times she finds herself trusting, she is caring and kind. She is quiet and shy but can be aggressive when need be. She's the kind of person that has an air about her, one that kinda draws people to her.

Other: Aurelie has no blood family left only the Coven that raised her and her jaguar that never strays from her side. With no family left she feels there is no place for her in this world and wanders aimlessly with her companion. If she ever does find herself in a battle, she will fight to protect who she holds dear.

History: Aurelie is a Pagan who was born under the Goddess Hecate the Mother of all Witchcraft and of the Dark. Little is know of her past due to the trauma she suffered when she was but five years of age. Her mother Evanora Alvar or Eva for short was a powerful Witch in her own right and was the High Priestess of their Coven the Circle of the Lunar Flame. Her mother was killed in a mysterious fire which Aurelie barely escaped with her life when her companion/familiar Arikos pulled her from the fire. Aurelie's father an Ancient Vampyre from the Carpathian mountains left her mother before she was born. Aurelie doesn't know anything about her father or where he is, all she has is a faded photo of him which she carries in a small brass locket. Being raised by a Coven of Witches she has now become a powerful Witch just like her mother, though she has no desire to take over the Coven and become a High Priestess she is still known as Lady Aurelie and is the head of the Coven. Even though she is content with her life and helping make the Coven grow stronger, she still wonders about her foggy and shattered past. Who killed her mother, and why? Why was she spared and saved, and who is her father and why he left her mother. With unearthing her new powers she is discovering her Vampyric side, the side of her father that has lain dormant for all these years. She now has left her Coven to wander the lands to find out what she can about her shadowy past.

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