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My journal.
The memoirs of a 16-year old intellectual.
I think I've forgotten how to relax.

Now, I know that relaxing can be done in a variety of ways, but one can be stressed out in a variety of ways as well, creating a web of cause and effect. For myself, I'm afraid that I tend to let my mind and emotions overrun me. In retrospect, it's actually kind of pathetic how...vulnerable I get, one who repeatedly tells his friends that you can't always base your choices on your emotions.

I'm sorry to say I've let my emotions overrule any logic that might be in my head for the past couple months. Anger, happiness, desperation-All of them threatening to stomp all over the knowledge and experience that I've tried to guide my life with. That isn't to say that merely knowledge and experience are the only things one needs to go through life, but that ties into finding a balance between them and emotions which I'd rather not get into at this moment.

Yet more often than not, I find people I care about succumbing to dark desires, due to a combination of despair and hopelessness. At the same time, I see others making different but equally stupid choices out of pure joyfulness. As much as I am a hypocrite right now for saying it, I fear that emotions can force us to do stupid, stupid things. You don't have to look far to find someone making an incredibly stupid decision simply based on how they feel.

If it were not for emotion, mankind would be as but mathematics. Thousands of varibles, but as with any equation if you take your time and have the right tools, you can figure it out. Emotions are the metaphorical wrench in that works that make sure each and every single one of us is different. One could try and argue that age, nationality, etc. also make us different, but in reality those only help to give our emotions and knowledge a perspective from which to be used. Emotions are....irrationality at its best, its worst, and everything inbetween.

Yet even still, emotions don't make us entirely unpredictable, just to the degree that we aren't walking, talking machines. A sad person usually crys, a angry person has a higher chance of hitting someone compared to someone who isn't. But on the odd occasion, they serve in making someone do something they'd never normally do. Maybe it's confess their love to someone, maybe they'll take a semi-automatic weapon and not stop firing until they're gunned down themselves, but never is such a decision made solely out of logic and reason.

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