And Then You Came

“I’m sorry. But, I just don’t think that it’ll work out anymore.” I heard him say. “I just can’t take the pressure of worrying about what my friends would think if they find out about us. They’ll leave me.” He explained. And what am I? A display? Apparently, he treasures his friends are more than me. Well, I guess one person won’t stand a chance against many. But, I really did think that we’ll be together ‘til the end, as long as we love each other. I guess I was wrong.

At this point, I wanted to cry my eyes out. But I can’t. If I did he’ll take pity on me. Then we’ll get back together. I don’t want to be with someone who’s ashamed of being with me. No, I can’t anymore. It hurts too much. Though I can’t help but wonder about what happened to those words that he said before. ‘Together forever?’ ‘No one will take me away from you?’ Those are trash now, aren’t they?

— Flashback

“I love you, Alex.” He said to me as we gazed the stars, our backs against the roof of my house. Our hands were intertwined, never wanting to let go.

“I love you too.” I replied. I gazed into his beautiful blue orbs that shined wonderfully. It was shining brighter than any of the stars in the sky tonight. I moved closer to him, his arms wrapping around me as I did so. “Promise me you’ll never leave me.”

I heard him chuckle as he hugged me tighter. “I promise. We’ll be together forever. We’ll get married once we graduate, and we’ll adopt kids. If you want, we’ll adopt a dozen. No one will ever take me away from you. Our love will only end if someone is able to count how many stars are there and how many hair they grow every year.” He said. His words were so sweet. It’s hard not to remember them. They’ll stay forever in my memories.

I nodded silently, pretending that I understood why he wanted our relationship to be over. If only… If only all the words that he said that night came true. I’ll die happy. I looked at him with a faint smile on my face. “Thanks anyway.” I said, it almost sounded like a whisper. I really didn’t want to talk. But, I can at least make him remember me to be the one who he didn’t see cry, the one who loved him to the bottom of his heart.

He looked at me curiously. I guess he’s wondering why I’m thankful, despite the fact that he was breaking up with me, shattering my heart into million pieces.

“Thanks for loving me the way you did. You’re the first person I fell in love with, did you know that?” I explained to him. So things were clear now right?

He shook his head. “No, I didn’t. Well, I have to go now. Bye.” And with that, he left me. Standing there alone. I got a last glimpse of his beautiful blue eyes, before he left me forever. Never to see him again.

“I love you, goodbye.” I whispered. Hoping that he heard me. I look up, and saw that he was already gone. So he didn’t hear me. And then I… I didn’t think that I can hold it in anymore. I went down to my knees and took my face into my hands. Tears started to fall from my eyes. I just don’t understand. Why would he leave me? Things were fine yesterday. I know perfectly well that it isn’t about his friends. Since he told me that they were just drinking buddies. And that he could care less if they left him. So what was it? Perhaps, he’s already found someone else. That could be a good reason for leaving me. And I’ve tried so hard. And still…. He left me.

My life is as well over now. Because there’s no point of living if he’s not here with me. I stood up, went home, and lied down on my bed. This bed smells like him. This is no surprise since we hung out often in my room. We watch movies, or sometimes just talk. I think I might have to convince my parents in moving to a different house. Not exactly to a different place. Just a different house. Because everything here reminded me of him. It’s too painful.


So I wrote this today. It's still not done though. I just wanted to write it here. May I inform you that this is gay romance.