Ermmm....ok, well hi, im new to gaia, and i got a little problem...
Well you see, i only have 600 gold and i cant buy anything in the shops for that money, so im trying to figure out how to get some gold. It says i can get money if i post, vote and explore, but i dont have any friens to be able to post anything on their profiles, i dont know anyone to vote for and i dont know how to explore, because wherever i click i come to a shop, where almost everything costs 2000 gold sweatdrop
My brotehr got money by playing at the slots, but when i click on slots it cant connect to my web-server.

If you are reading this, please send a comment or post something on my profile, id like to meet new people, and id be happy to know that im not wasting my time writing a journal no one is going to read... blaugh

XoXo from me, Emma heart