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Journal of a Nobody
This is a description of my story, The N.o.T. Chronicles It will also serve as an update service for when a new chapter is out. Please read and comment it back. *Beware of Spoilers.*
Chapter 9 Part 4 Here, There, Where, What?
Chapter 9 Part 4 Here, There, Where, What?
As soon as I entered the room I was in a relatively big office with a few bookshelves and tables to the side and desk with a chair in the middle of the room and a huge glass window that saw the entire city. Standing in front of the window with his back turn was him. ‘Strange Man’ Seiko.
Without turning, he said, “Welcome, Nobody.”
“Seiko Maemi, you are a very interesting person according to Fuu-sama.”
He stood motionless looking over the wild city.
“Yes, Fuu-sama was a great man and father.”
“So why did you betray him?” I drew one of my blades and snuck closer.
“I didn’t betray him. I just needed to do something by joining Navimle.”
“And what is that?”
“That is something on a need to know business.”
“Well why did you bring your sister and Fuu’s daughter?”
“They came on their own free will.”
“Yeah, how do I know your telling the truth?”
I was right behind him he paused.”
“You don’t. I guess you better believe.”
“Sorry, but I don’t.” I stabbed my blade right into his back, but before contact was made, he vanished. My blade cracked the window.
“Where did you-?”
“Behind you.” A staff came around my neck and began to choke me.
“I will let you go if you listen now?
I kicked his legs and turn to cut him, but he vanished again.
I walked around cautiously. He’d appear without notice and then when I go for a strike, he’d vanished again.
Soon, his office was cut up with me all tired out and him barely breaking a sweat.
“Are you done?”
“No.” I said breathing heavily.
“How long will it take?”
“Till your dead.” I attacked. He vanished, but I quickly turn and swung my other blade behind me. I scratched him, but he disappeared again.
He appeared in the middle of the room. “Very good, have you figured out my powers.”
“I thought it was high speed, but you would have left a trail or something. You literally teleport from one spot to another.”
“Correct, it is because of this.” He pulled his sleeves up to show a little blue marble of his hand. “My powers allow me to create portals between two points and move between them in the less then a millisecond.”
“That’s how you’ve avoided being spotted. You transported between them.”
“Sort of. I need to see it or else it will just spit right back out, but anything can be teleported.”
“So when Navimle gave you this power, you knew that you could do anything and wanted abuse it.”
“If what you say is true, then I could just,” He snapped his fingers and I was now behind him, “send you to the bottom of the ocean,” He snapped them again and I was on the air and fell into his chair. “or deep into space,” I was then set back into my original position. “even to Navimle himself. Well that would take longer, but yes, I could kill you a hundred thousand different ways in an instant, but I haven’t. So why?”
“You’re a sadistic psychopath that enjoys the feeling of letting people fearing you and want to torture me of my identify to do the same to my friends and family.”
“…………You really have been through a lot, haven’t you?”
“Four Tyrants, two bounty hunters, a few murders, a few psychopaths, and a betrayal or two.”
Silence surrounded us for a bit till he said, “Well, that explains a bit.”
“Now, I will end this.” I attacked and he dodged and warped.
He appeared at his desk. “Look, you can trust me. You can believe in me.”
“Why, after what I’ve been through for almost a year, why, out of all the people I met, should I trust you?”
He stood there thinking I guess. He then answered.
“You should trust me for I am being honest with myself.” He removed his mask and lifted his goggles. Underneath was a long white beard, but quickly discarded it to show a young man underneath. I gasped at the connection of him being the old man on the boat.
“I could have killed you many times over, but I didn’t because you’re the person I am looking for; the person who will defeat Navimle and restore order in this chaotic world. I am on your side, Nobody.”
Though I didn’t know it, Destiny’s hands were fully in motion. There was only one thing I was sure of.
“Well, I’ll listen and I trust you, Seiko...for now.”
End of Chapter 9
To be continued in Chapter 10: Who I Am

I'm the person you never want, but always need.
I'm Nobody, and i will be here for you.
(P.S. Not Emo)
Read the Nobody of Twilight Chronicles on My Deviantart or my Journal on Gaia.

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