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Wawa's Stuffs
Read If You Want..^w^..
Something I Wrote...
ム 乃 Ő Ц イ ๓ є

Hey Everyone
Well First Of All..

I'm who i'm so love me or hate me
it's okay but make sure you know me first..^^..
I'm here if anyone need me or my help i love
to help in anything that anyone want to be
helped with so don't worry and ask anything
you want..^.^..
Being friends with you will be a pleasure
*Bows* ♥

-- ♥ ii USЄD TOO BЄ NORMӘL .. --
-- ♥ ii CӘLL MЧ BЄST FRIЄNDS =] .. --
- - - - - - - - - -× ♥
ι ωιšн уσυ ωєяє нєяє ..
ιη му вє∂яσσм ..
ση му вє∂ ..
ωιтн тнє ℓιgнтš 域 ..
šσ ι ¢συℓ∂ šнσω уσυ šσмєтнιηg ..
му ηєω ¢σσℓ gℓσω ιη тнє ∂αяк ωαт¢н ;D
ωнαт ωєяє уσυ тнιηкιηg ? ..
уσυ ρєяνєят !! o:
*šℓαρš уσυ šσƒтℓу*

Dreaming Of You..
Dreaming Of You Every Night..
Dreaming Of You By My Side..
Holding Me In Your Arms..
Making Me Feel Safe..
And Alive..
Dreaming Of You..
Dreaming Of How Your Smile Warm Me Up..
Dreaming Of You Wishing When I Wake Up..
I See You By My Side..
Smiling At Me..
Telling Me Everything Is Alright..
I'm Here By Your Side..
And Will Never Leave You Side..
By: -Wawa{M.T}- "Me"
User Image

Y o u r M y E v e r y t h i n g

I'm inlove with someone so great
I'm inlove with someone who make my day so bright
He's always by my sight
Making me happy each day and night
He's my light
My sunshine that brights
He's my world
I just wanna hold him to tight
I love you
I love you soo much
That your my life
I would never wanna be with anyone
Other than you
You make my life so bright
You make me think of you everyday and night
Having you with me to hold you tight
Make my day much brighter everyday and night
I have this smile that is on my face it make me wonder
How could it be your the only one that can make me smile
It's a stupid smile yet it's a great feeling
Being with you is the best-est thing i ever thought of
Everyday and everynight
I wish i can wake up on the day light
and see you by my side
I wish i can hold you every day and night
Your my light
The sun that lights my day and make it bright
So bright
Your My Destiny
That makes everything feels so right
So right
Without you i'm nothing
Truly nothing
But with you
With you only
Everything feels soo great!
Soo Great
I LOVE YOU!!..>////////////<..
[I made this poem to Kitsu - Sama]
Poem Made By: Wawa -Me-

A Poem..
Thought Of Someone Special..

Your love..
Was all i had..
Your love...
Everything to me..
You were..
Everything to me..
You were the world..
You were the reason of my living..
You still is..
But i lost you..
Now i lost you..
But i wont give up..
Yes i wont..
On you i would never give up..
Your my daylight..
The brightness for my day..
The happiness in me..
The love that i gave..
The Kindness that i'm in..
Everything in me just because of you..
Because of you...i'm what i'm now..
I wont give up...yes i wont..
Your the one that i love..
It not easy to me to say..
I Love You..
But with you..
It's so easy to say it..
I know your not for me..
And i wont stand between that..
Your happiness is all i want..
Just talking to you..
Would make me happy again..
Just seeing you..
Would make my heart beat again..
Your the one that gave me life..
Your the one that knew me right..
Your the one that stood by my side..
My life nothing...
Nothing without you..
Your the one that made my life real..
Your the one that showed me what's wrong and right..
Without you...
I'm lost..
With you..
I'm found...
I dunno what i would say..
But all i can say is that..
"I Love You!"
"I Love You!"
I say it cause it's true..
"I Love You!"
Anything can fade..
But my love for you..
Would never ever fade..
"I Love You!"

❥ My heart is breaking, my smile is shaking, i met you, my life is changing, my heart is beating, i'm breathing, i'm smiling, i'm laughing, cause of you, your my heart, your my soul, your my everything, your my dream, your my one and true love forever more, I LOVE YOU! ♡ ✿

❝Ꮭife is short, live it. Ꮭove is rare, grab it. Ꭿnger is bad, dump it. Ғear is awful, face it.
Ꮇemories are sweet, cherish it.❞

ωħeи ωe ħøиešтłч αšκ øυяšełνeš ωħı¢ħ ρeяšøи ıи øυя łıνeš мeαи тħe мøšт тø υš, ωe øfтeи fıиđ тħαт ıт ıš тħøše ωħø, ıиšтeαđ øf gıνıиg αđνı¢e, šøłυтıøиš, øя ¢υяeš, ħανe ¢ħøšeи яαтħeя тø šħαяe øυя ραıи αиđ тøυ¢ħ øυя ωøυиđš ωıтħ α ωαям αиđ тeиđeя ħαиđ. тħe fяıeиđ ωħø ¢αи вe šıłeит ωıтħ υš ıи α мøмeит øf đešραıя øя ¢øиfυšıøи, ωħø ¢αи šтαч ωıтħ υš ıи αи ħøυя øf gяıef αиđ вeяeανeмeит, ωħø ¢αи тøłeяαтe иøт κиøωıиg, иøт ¢υяıиg, иøт ħeαłıиg αиđ fα¢e ωıтħ υš тħe яeαłıтч øf øυя ρøωeяłeššиešš, тħαт ıš α fяıeиđ ωħø ¢αяeš. ♥

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