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Fleek on a Leash
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Calix the TV Head
Name: Calix

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 6' 7"

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Haunted House Security/Performer

Personality: Very naive and curious, Calix is a gentle giant who keeps his calm as best he can.

Short Bio:
Calix is a TV head, specifically ordered by a young couple to be both a worker/prop for their October haunted house, and a memorial for their deceased childhood friend and roommate; who had a fascination with the new breed of customizable designer robots. He works all October at the haunted house along with the two hosts, but during the rest of the year he is free to go about as he pleases.

Interesting Tid Bits:

-Calix has two ports in his back to mount his detachable wings on. They are only for decoration, of course; he cannot actually fly with these wings.

-He has two different sizes of wings: Larger ones for when he is on duty (they help him look bigger) and smaller ones for more casual outings.

-He can remove parts of the plastic that serves as his skin to reveal his realistic metal skeleton for extra spooks!

-His stomach area sports softer clear plastic, giving one the ability to look inside and see his pelvis, the lower half of his ribcage, and a length of his spine. It is filled with a red vapor and a few small red lights in the skeleton to make it glow should he wish to do so.

-He is a Halloween Limited Edition model, which allows him to change his screen to several more scary or spooky things. He just prefers switching between heartbeat monitor and audio levels monitor, which are quite similar.

-The heartbeat monitor monitors his own 'heartbeat', matching to physical output or emotions being made.

-His sensors are particularly sensitive, and he is fascinated by the sensation of heat and soft things. Sweaters are his weakness.

-He is often seen with a warm drink in his hands, and that is due to several things: He likes the look of it, the warmth from the cup feels nice to him, and he likes helping local coffee shops by both buying and promoting their brand by carrying the logo. He might share if you ask him nicely.



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