my name is Justin Hayes i'm 15 as of 5/08/11

i am unusual (which is a understatement)
i am sometimes random but at other times really mature and thoughtfull
i think that i have average intelligence (I have a romantic relationship with math razz )
every new years my resolution is to learn more then the year before, and to be a better person
i support gay rights, if you have a problem with that i suggest you leave my profile asap
im undecided when it comes to religion but open to a large amount of ideas
my favorite color is purple
my favorite foods are pie, ramens (creamy chicken), and dill soup
i live with my single mother
we move constantly
im from chicago
i live in wisconsin
my favorite genre of music is alternative and electronica (techno)
i think it's stupid to make fun of somebody but hate to be honest in the fact that ive done it myself before
i like to meet new people
i hate to lose close friends
i love art
i like typing (54 WPM FTW!!)
i have troubles sleeping at night D:

have any more questions send me a message or comment on my profile, thanks for reading

here is some of my art